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Anabelle Matthews (@ammatthews13) Instagram Profile Photo ammatthews13

Anabelle Matthews

image by Anabelle Matthews (@ammatthews13) with caption : "@cotswoldlavender just stunning and humming #🐝#lavenderfields #lavender #cotswolds #englishlavender" - 1824617414881601451
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@cotswoldlavender just stunning and humming #🐝 #lavender


Felice Wong (@felice.wong) Instagram Profile Photo felice.wong

Felice Wong

image by Felice Wong (@felice.wong) with caption : "a 🐝-day gift for a friend 💜.
#lavender #bumblebee" - 1824617373198747238
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a 🐝-day gift for a friend 💜. #lavender


HYAKUCAFE (@hyakucafe) Instagram Profile Photo hyakucafe


image by HYAKUCAFE (@hyakucafe) with caption : "macchiato.
大まかなご来店日のご連絡を頂戴致しましてもお取り置きの指定や閉店間際までご連絡の無い場合はアトリエにお越しになられた方を優先さ" - 1824617025222573207
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macchiato. 連休中は遠方からも沢山のご来店ありがとうございました. 燃え尽きましたので本日は締めます. 大まかなご来店日のご連絡を頂戴致しましてもお取り置きの指定や閉店間際までご連絡の無い場合はアトリエにお越しになられた方を優先させて頂きますのでご了承の程お願いします. この様な場所ですしやむを得ない事情や優先順位があると思いますので一番大切なものを大事にして頂ければHYAKUCAFEとしては何よりです. 17〜19日は出張の為アトリエ内に居りませんのでよろしくお願い致します. #lavender

Catteeuw Laura (@lauracatteeuw) Instagram Profile Photo lauracatteeuw

Catteeuw Laura

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Same colour as my hair 😍💕💖 @leadandball #lavender

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虫嫌いな方、スミマセン🙏💦 お馬さんpicが続いたので、今日も生き物系でpostしようかと💦(馬と昆虫じゃ全然大きさ違うけど) 少し前に猪苗代ハーブ園で撮った、ミツバチ(1枚目)とトンボ(2枚目)。 今日は7/16。 安室ちゃん引退まであと2ヶ月。 あと2ヶ月かぁ~😭 #lavender

Antoniya Yordanova-Tune ♓️ (@tunikayo) Instagram Profile Photo tunikayo

Antoniya Yordanova-Tune ♓️

The Veda Soul Company (@vedasoulcompany) Instagram Profile Photo vedasoulcompany

The Veda Soul Company

image by The Veda Soul Company (@vedasoulcompany) with caption : "Fears are doors that lead us into new chapters and spaces.
The thing is, that often we are so much in avoidance of walki" - 1824616467809527944
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Fears are doors that lead us into new chapters and spaces. The thing is, that often we are so much in avoidance of walking through those doors that we hang out in the same rooms and experience the same things, the same colours, the same comforts, the same views, we tolerate the same flaws in those rooms and indeed we enjoy and sometimes tolerate the same people who hang out in those rooms. We might complain about those rooms, but we will continue to move through those same rooms until we find the courage to walk through those doors. What we are learning about life is that fears are like doors and they need to be walked through. The resistance of walking through those doors comes from our discomfort with the unknown and our resulting attachment to the known. With the tools and technologies that we have at our disposal, we leave little to chance, we know the weather at the touch of the button, we know when our transport networks are delayed, we know the latest news in an instant. While technology has its benefits, it has made us creatures that ‘need to know’ and as a result, we have become increasingly anxious about the unknown. Today, we invite you to think about those doors of fear that you are scared to open. Remember, you can always walk back into the rooms that you know but it is important to explore more of the house of life because it is a multi-winged mansion full of chambers, rooms and majestic ballrooms waiting to be discovered. Breathe through your fear and know that you deserve to open those doors and explore what is behind them. Fears keep us contained in our false sense of comfort and sometimes it is necessary to change the views and the scenery and to allow fresh perspectives into your life. Wishing you a beautiful Monday filled with fresh perspective… xx