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Rebecca Clements (@simply_whimsical) Instagram Profile Photo simply_whimsical

Rebecca Clements

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Core is more than sit-ups and planks. Explore a different plane of motion... I DARE YOU. 😈 Speaking of which.. want to dare me? Use when posting a video and tag me on your dare! I’m ready.. whatcha got?! 👻 👇🏾 👇🏾 #Landmine


Keisha Mckenzie Ifbb Pro (@keisha_ifbbpro) Instagram Profile Photo keisha_ifbbpro

Keisha Mckenzie Ifbb Pro

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Keeping things interesting while working out. Have you tried using the landmine in your workouts #Landmine squats landmine deep squats to a single hand press


Lauren Kanski ( Instagram Profile Photo

Lauren Kanski

Landmine core + shoulders! 💪🏻 . . Clients reschedule = put my ass to werk early! 🤷🏻‍♀️ . . I realized today, that I don’t use the landmine as much as I should. Because it’s anchored to the ground, it’s highly effective at targeting all planes of motion and helps us keep control with a heavy load. . . Try out this circuit: - side to side kneeled twists (3 x 10 / side) - half kneeling shoulder press (3 x 5 / side) - reverse lunge into shoulder press (3 x 10 / side) *focus on your breath, move slow and keep your core tight. 🔥 . . Save it, DO it, share it! Happy hump day! 🐫🐪 #landmine

@ufunctional Billy White is the proud owner of U Functional Training in Roseville, CA. He got hooked the moment he discovered PurMotion! Billy wanted to upgrade his facility. We were honored to be a part of this project. You should visit Billy at U Functional Training of you live near Roseville, CA or just passing by. Congratulations Billy!! The is growing #landmine

Adriano Perez (@showuporshutup) Instagram Profile Photo showuporshutup

Adriano Perez

Every next level of your life will demand a different you. Gluteus Maximus on 🔥🔥🔥

Stefano Melis (@steo_trainer) Instagram Profile Photo steo_trainer

Stefano Melis

CORE STRENGTH (Landmine) - (Advanced) • • Oggi ho svolto due esercizi utilizzando il bilanciere in posizione verticale e trovo in questo mezzo un valido supporto per allenare efficacemente il core, specie attraverso esercizi torsivi e di antirotazione. Nello specifico, ho provato due esercizi: uno più complesso e coordinativo dove ho cercato di enfatizzare il lavoro torsivo e un altro dove invece ho tenuto in forte attivazione la linea anteriore del core. —— 1️⃣ Landmine clean & split jerk sx/dx 2️⃣ Landmine catch & press . . 3 x 8-10 reps x esercizio Rec: 1’ —- ———- #landmine

Ac Smithwick (@swick_jr) Instagram Profile Photo swick_jr

Ac Smithwick

Anyone remember 6 inches from sports practice?!? Well it's time to bring them back! Add in some landmine work and your core is going to love you. Not today but later :) Focus on balancing with the bar up before going into motion. The goal is to maintain a solid foundation and keep the core engaged. Give it a try. I like to keep it to 20 reps. 5 on each side then 10 up the middle. Good stuff! #landmine

Πάρης Δημητριάδης (@parisdimitriadis1) Instagram Profile Photo parisdimitriadis1

Πάρης Δημητριάδης

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