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Ricardo Andre (@raslblackpreto) Instagram Profile Photo raslblackpreto

Ricardo Andre

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Só funny 😂😂😂!!!this is from NAMEWEE! add me on Instagram I want to BE ur friend #kawasaki


Jordan Knight (@j.kniiight) Instagram Profile Photo j.kniiight

Jordan Knight

image by Jordan Knight (@j.kniiight) with caption : "Long hard day at work. Now lets relieve some stress 🤙#mud #trails #kawasaki #bruteforce #bruteforce750" - 1806317567611277059
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Long hard day at work. Now lets relieve some stress 🤙 #kawasaki


Camron Meredith (@cam_r1n) Instagram Profile Photo cam_r1n

Camron Meredith

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This past weekend I did my second track day! Once again at NC Bike, felt pretty great out there ran some fast laps, passed a few guys on slicks and even passed two coaches out there, one of them on the outside of turn 1 which is pretty fast at this track. Had two coaches tell me my pace was great and that if I could consistently hold a tighter line around turns 5 and 6 that I’d be ready for advanced group! Pretty pumped for only having two days under my belt and they’re telling me I can run with advanced group! So next month Summit Main here I come! Also I was on brand new tires that are not so new looking anymore 😂 #kawasaki

Supercross & Motocross (@supercross___motocross) Instagram Profile Photo supercross___motocross

Supercross & Motocross

image by Supercross & Motocross (@supercross___motocross) with caption : "Whaouu !! 😍💙
Rate it 1-100" - 1806316661852983570
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Whaouu !! 😍💙 Rate it 1-100

さりーちゃん (@marutoku1250) Instagram Profile Photo marutoku1250


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@painter_hide2 さんから、セピアバトン🎁頂きました😊⤴︎ こんなんが、 セピアですかねぇ(^_^;) 高校のクラスメートだった仲間のバイクでセピア〜🛵✨ もう数十年のくされ縁w こういうタイプのおバイクは所有したことないけど‥ 以外や似合うんじない🤔 ちがうかーw 勝手にタグ付け🙏 よろしかったら受け取って下さい(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) #Kawasaki