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Emilie Henry (@maisondemalou) Instagram Profile Photo maisondemalou

Emilie Henry

image by Emilie Henry (@maisondemalou) with caption : "Horloge Mr White bord doré ou en bois #maisondemalou #wavre #wavrecommerce #wavreçabouge #presenttime #karlsson #horloge" - 1787126024991989483
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Horloge Mr White bord doré ou en bois #karlsson


Margith Sommer (@margith_sommer) Instagram Profile Photo margith_sommer

Margith Sommer

image by Margith Sommer (@margith_sommer) with caption : "#karlsson #påtaget #hvem*#@&lukkerhundenoppåtagetibagendesol?" - 1787088828362072838
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#karlsson *#@&lukkerhundenoppåtagetibagendesol?


image by Karlsson ( with caption : "© Foto Tatiana Karlsson 2018
#karlsson #2018 #copyrighted #tower #sweden🇸🇪 #instagramphotos #instagram #photog" - 1786983641895598028
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© Foto Tatiana Karlsson 2018 • • • • • #karlsson 🇸🇪

Sinnerup_Viborg (@sinnerup_viborg) Instagram Profile Photo sinnerup_viborg


image by Sinnerup_Viborg (@sinnerup_viborg) with caption : "NYHED... Karlsson ure i butikken, så flotte 👌🏼 Priser fra 399.- #sinnerupviborg #nyhed #karlsson" - 1786966628043706254
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NYHED... Karlsson ure i butikken, så flotte 👌🏼 Priser fra 399.- #karlsson

image by @89edits with caption : "Oof my heart🤭💗

#vegasgoldenknights #vegas #vg"- 1786794238325573302
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Oof my heart🤭💗 - - 💗💕💕💞💗💘💝💓❤️💗💘💝💕💞💗💗💝💕💞💘💖💖💓💞💗💕💝💓💗💘💝💓💗💘💕💘💖💕💞💗💘💝💓💞💘💕💓💓💘💘💓💓💗💘💖💕💞💗💘💝💓💗💘💕 - - #karlsson @alextuch89 @alextuch89 @alextuch89 @alextuch89 @alextuch89 @alextuch89 @alextuch89 @alextuch89 @alextuch89

image by @89edits with caption : "Honestly my favorite photo probably ever🤭
💜💛❣️💜💛💗💚💖💙💗💚💓💞💜💛💛💗💚💘💚💖❣️❣️💓💞💝💞💜💟💟💞💚💖💓💞💜🧡💚💗💚💕💖💝💝💞💗💖❣️💚💗💗❤️💚❣️❣️❣️💖💝💞💗💕💚❣️"- 1786762931193332871
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Honestly my favorite photo probably ever🤭 - - - 💜💛❣️💜💛💗💚💖💙💗💚💓💞💜💛💛💗💚💘💚💖❣️❣️💓💞💝💞💜💟💟💞💚💖💓💞💜🧡💚💗💚💕💖💝💝💞💗💖❣️💚💗💗❤️💚❣️❣️❣️💖💝💞💗💕💚❣️💓💞💗❣️💕💘💖💖💕💖💖💗💓💓🧡💗💗🧡🧡💗💛💗❣️ OOF - - #karlsson @alextuch89 @alextuch89 @alextuch89 @alextuch89 @alextuch89 @alextuch89 @alextuch89

Max Bublak (@max_bublak) Instagram Profile Photo max_bublak

Max Bublak

Bonn, Germany Report Download 2 43

KARLSSON @karlsson_musik

The Rock (@rocknhl) Instagram Profile Photo rocknhl

The Rock

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Erik karlsson R O C K N H L #karlsson

MAQ wonen (@maq_wonen) Instagram Profile Photo maq_wonen

MAQ wonen

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Mijn laatste wekker van @presenttime_hq #karlsson wie komt hem een thuis geven? Geeft ook temperatuur en datum. It's magic how it works!

Hockey Videos (@hockeyguy92) Instagram Profile Photo hockeyguy92

Hockey Videos

T-Mobile Arena Report Download 3 109

STANLEY CUP FINAL BREAKDOWN with The @capitals making the Stanley cup finals for the first time since 1998, this matchup could be one for the ages, however let's go more in depth Vegas record (2-0-0) regular season vs the Capitals The benefactor here will be the goaltending with flower in net having a 22-12-2 record against the capitals in his career he will need to continue that stellar performance we've seen from him all season, and with holtby backstopping the capitals both teams are gonna need to play with a stellar offense, however in the one game holtby played against vegas, he had a sv% of .893 which is fairly subpar, ovechkin is really performing where he should be with 22 points in 19 games, Jonathan Marchessault (VGK) has 18 points in the last 15 games, in terms of depth, the capitals top 2 offensive lines are pretty stacked up with the likes of Ovi, backstrom, Oshie, Kusnetsov, their top defensive tandem is fairly solid however lacks depth down the line for vegas, not many players stick out as superstars, however Gm George McPhee has somehow managed to Mel together a bunch of depth players into a solid overall team, Karlsson with 43 goals during the regular season needs to step up his game, he has 13 points in 15 games which, while decent needs to produce a higher output, SCHEDULES (ALL GAMES @ 8:00 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME AND BROADCASTED ON NBC, CBC, SN, TVA SPORTS) G1 WSH @ VGK 5/28 G2 WSH @ VGK 5/30 G3 VGK @ WSH 6/2 G4 VGK @ WSH 6/4 G5 *WSH @ VGK 6/7 G6 *VGK @ WSH 6/10 G7 *WSH @ VGK 6/13 *As needed anything new to add? Comment below with your thoughts #karlsson