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Josette Parker (@gcminicoven) Instagram Profile Photo gcminicoven

Josette Parker

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Josette Parker ~ ~ Age: 22 Hair colour: Brown Eye Colour: Blue Gender: Female Species: Witch - Family Information: - Joshua Parker (Father) Mrs. Parker (Mother) Malachai Parker (Twin Brother) Olivia Parker (younger sister) Lucas Parker (younger brother) Joey Parker (younger brother) Two Unnamed sisters (younger sisters) 1 unnamed brother ( younger brother ) Joshua’s twin brother (Paternal uncle) Francis Valois (Husband/ Deceased, 1st time she was alive, when she was younger) Alaric Saltzman (Former fiancΓ©/ Father of her children) Josie Saltzman (Daughter) Lizzie Saltzman (Daughter) ~ Josette Parker is the eldest daughter of Joshua Parker and twin sister to Kai Parker. When she died the night of her wedding, she was brought back to her younger self by a spell with her magic once again. Jo is very protective of her family and her brother, Kai. Trying to make up for being the one to help lock him away in the prison world. She’d do anything for her family and friends. Before she died the first time, Jo was a doctor and teacher at Whitmore University where she taught Elena Gilbert. It was also at Whitmore that she met Alaric Saltzman who later became her fiancΓ© and the father of her children. Before she was brought back, Jo watched Alaric and her daughters, knowing they were happy and safe without her. While she was on the other side, Jo was with her first husband, Francis who died of an illness not long after they were married. As it was very painful for her, she did not like to talk about it very often. While she is back to her younger self, Jo has stayed away from Alaric and her twins, not wanting to make their life anymore difficult than she assumes it is. The moment she was brought back, she found that she had her magic once again with her. - #joshuaparker