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ოeℓ Zegers 🇨🇦 (@mel.j.zee) Instagram Profile Photo mel.j.zee

ოeℓ Zegers 🇨🇦

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Leg day. Have I ever told you how much I HATE leg day? I don’t know what I hate more, cardio or legs… But here’s the thing. Sometimes you gotta do the things you hate to get the things you want. I wanted to be healthy, fit, strong, comfortable in my skin...did I love getting to this point? NO. It’s been such a HARD journey! There have been things I HATED about it (insert burpees, HIIT, lunges, squat jumps etc here…) but I did it anyways because I knew that if I wanted to get to where I wanted to be, I had to do the hard things. I get up at 5am to do this. No one makes’s a personal choice. I do it because my day is 100% better when I take that time out first thing in the morning to take care of me. My mood is so much better, my attitude. I’m a better co-worker, better teaching assistant, a better person. You gotta fill your cup before you can fill others’, people. You’re NO good to anyone else when you’re running on empty. You gotta take care of YOU-that’s your job, not anyone else’s. Self’s super important. Week six is DONE. Another check, another day closee to my goal. This stuff isnt easy and it isnt always fun but it IS WORTH IT. Sometimes I need to blare angry music to get do what you gotta do but never ever quit on yourself. 👊 Happy friday! . . . . . . #itsagooddaytohaveagoodday


Megan Lemieux (@meganlemieux625) Instagram Profile Photo meganlemieux625

Megan Lemieux

image by Megan Lemieux (@meganlemieux625) with caption : "It’s a good day to have a good day. @mrdavehollis @msrachelhollis #itsagooddaytohaveagoodday #positivity #positivevibeso" - 1873226810834085338
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Sam Shepherd (@samiam1084) Instagram Profile Photo samiam1084

Sam Shepherd

image by Sam Shepherd (@samiam1084) with caption : "#happyfriday #friyay #itsagooddaytohaveagoodday" - 1873214057919360987
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Chrissy Tillery Kirby (@chrissytillery) Instagram Profile Photo chrissytillery

Chrissy Tillery Kirby

image by Chrissy Tillery Kirby (@chrissytillery) with caption : "#fridayfabulous #fridaycoffee #fridaylove #sparkle #smile #itsagooddaytohaveagoodday" - 1873204934235097203
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image by Corinna (@prettyawesomelyme) with caption : "Mein letzter Urlaubstaaaag / last day of leave 
#breakfast #frühstück #🍉 #bacon #pancakes #instafood #foodstagram #yummy" - 1873132453533525167
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Mein letzter Urlaubstaaaag / last day of leave #🍉 #itsagooddaytohaveagoodday

Rob Robrob (@rob_robrob) Instagram Profile Photo rob_robrob

Rob Robrob

image by Rob Robrob (@rob_robrob) with caption : "Do it twice and take pictures 👊 #goodmorning #work #friday #itsagooddaytohaveagoodday  #tryingtobepositive #thinkimcoolp" - 1873061405109579186
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Do it twice and take pictures 👊 #itsagooddaytohaveagoodday