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TipTop.World ™ ( Instagram Profile Photo

TipTop.World ™

Instagram Image by TipTop.World ™ ( with caption : "If #success was easy everyone would be doing it. #hustle #grind #work #alldayeveryday #business #entrepreneur #motivatio" at Las Vegas, Nevada - 1872151826357233049

If was easy everyone would be doing it. #instamotivation

The Christian Life Coach (@speakrachelle) Instagram Profile Photo speakrachelle

The Christian Life Coach

Sooo, you guys weren't gonna tell me about Phil Wickham? 😀 I like his voice on this song (Till I Found You), and I really relate to these lyrics: "Gone are the days I'm chasing after what won't last. I'm done with building these castles that crumble like sand." You can check out the full video on You Tube! Voice like buttah! ❤️ (c) Phil Wickham, "Till I Found You". Non-commercial use.

Instagram Image by Laura VF (@lalofortuna) with caption : "Money Wednesday ✨
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_________________________________" at Zürich, Switzerland - 1872143956281431593

Money Wednesday ✨ • Para español, dar click a “ver traducción” al final de este post. _________________________________ . “The more we want, the more we want” by Brent Kessel. ——————————————— . This quote is a follow up to the concept of the I described a few posts ago. Our “wanting” does not only apply to consumption, but to saving, business ventures and investments, frugality, job decisions, and more. . Often times, our wanting mind lures us to believe that the more resources and effort we put in something will yield to higher returns. However, that is not the case every time. The reality is that the more we get, the more we want, and at some point it becomes a habit. . . It’s our responsibility to monitor our “desire plant” in order to control our behavior around money. As Kessel puts it: . “The amount we water the seeds of desire today will dictate how much larger and thirstier the plants of desire will be tomorrow”. ✨I A G R E E ! ✨ . . . Do you? Have you experienced anything with your “desire plant”? Are you aware of your desires? • • • #instamotivation