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Kamila Zielińska (@kaaammii) Instagram Profile Photo kaaammii

Kamila Zielińska

image by Kamila Zielińska (@kaaammii) with caption : "opis jest zbędny 🖤 #iloveyousomuch" - 1827796586291752503
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opis jest zbędny 🖤 #iloveyousomuch


Treazure Okeefe (@feeiissttyybee) Instagram Profile Photo feeiissttyybee

Treazure Okeefe

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☪Moon🌙 (@moon_rachell) Instagram Profile Photo moon_rachell


image by ☪Moon🌙 (@moon_rachell) with caption : "Today is friend's day! There is no distance separating our friendship! I love you all! Happy Friend's Day!😊💞💙❤💕😍
#friend" - 1827789562048864393
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Today is friend's day! There is no distance separating our friendship! I love you all! Happy Friend's Day!😊💞💙❤💕😍 yousomuch

—joleen💫💗 (@fxnnscurls) Instagram Profile Photo fxnnscurls


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— cause I love you for infinity💘💗💫 Dear Millie Bobby Brown, I absolutely cannot wait to meet you someday. You have no idea how many times I have smiled because of you, how many times I’ve cried over you. My friends always tell me “you’ll never meet her” “you should get an easier dream” but no, one day I will meet you. I honestly don’t care how much money it costs or how far I’d have to travel to meet you. You have no idea how happy you make me. Millie you are also my inspiration. You inspire me every day to become a better person. You advocate for so many causes by using your platform, it is honestly so incredible. I myself am in ASB and want to speak out for causes when I am older. I want to help others in need, as you do. You are so amazing, talented, kind, beautiful, inspiring, intelligent, loving, caring, and so much more. Millie you have no idea how much I truly love you. There’s no doubt that whenever I’m sad, I can look at a picture of you or watch a video of you and I will smile, I will feel better. You don’t know it but you’ve ALWAYS been there for me when I’m down, or when I’m lonely (which is like a lot). There’s way more to say but I’m trying to keep this short. Lastly, I want to let you know, that I will NEVER stop loving you💘💗💖 - @milliebobbybrown - somuch