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El Micha ft Lenier “Me Quedare Contigo #igvid

.GIF Nation (@gif.nation) Instagram Profile Photo gif.nation

.GIF Nation

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Download our free creative app! Link in bio! @gifxapp @gifxapp @gifxapp - @yowegirlz crated this Star Wars themed Gifx edit. Tag your edits for a chance to be featured!

Offer something different (@singularvintage) Instagram Profile Photo singularvintage

Offer something different

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"Get baque" - Starshooter (1977). This song is the proof there was a french punk rock scene.⚡️ It was a subversive cover of "Get Back". The singer claims he's fed up with the Beatles and the old guard. The message is pretty Punk ; indeed, one of the aims of Punks was to make a clean slate of the 70s dinosaurs (prog rock musicians), remember Johnny Rotten tee saying : "I hate Pink Floyd".⚡️As the lyrics were not flattering for the Beatles, their manager made a fuss and the single was removed from sale. It became instantly cult and a big collector.💥The band's energy was jubilant and Kent's screams totally awesome.🌪🔥 🎸

Mahasiswa Semester Tua (@mahasiswasemester_tua) Instagram Profile Photo mahasiswasemester_tua

Mahasiswa Semester Tua

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THİS İS  乃ĒƉŌĿĀ₦ƉĀ (@bedolanda) Instagram Profile Photo bedolanda


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GÖRMESİNİ İSTEDİĞİN ARKADAŞINI ETİKETLE 😂😂😂😂 . . KAYDET 🔔 . . BEĞEN ❤ . . YORUM YAP 📝 . . @bedolanda . . #igvid