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레그컬머신을 이용한 힙쓰러스트😆 잘못하면 허리힘만 쓸수있으니 뒤꿈치에 무게중심을 두고 골반을 천장으로 올린다는 느낌보단 앞쪽으로 밀어준다는 느낌을 쓰면 좋음👍🏾 #hipthrust


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《平時做啲咩》 上堂以外既時間主要都係自己操練,寫Program又或者諗動作。其實有好多動作係腦海入面但原來整左出黎之後同本身想法有啲出入。片中既動作其DB Single Leg Deadlift,加入resistance band制造Rotation從而刺激更多臀部肌肉。 ➖ 個人試完黎既感想: 感覺良好,但唯一問題就係因為用resistance band既關係,相對地個eccentric phase阻力會較細,所以可能用Cable會好小小。 ➖ 器械不足並唔代表訓練唔能夠多元化,只要你明白背後既原理其實可以有好多變化。最後就係希望各位教練唔好因為係網上「學到」新動作就走去教人。 ➖ 思考再應用


®ONE Strong Girls . 🚺🖤🚺🖤. (@one_entrenamiento) Instagram Profile Photo one_entrenamiento

®ONE Strong Girls . 🚺🖤🚺🖤.

image by Lidia (@lidia_bel) with caption : "Un año y mil hip thrusts de diferencia😂😍. Izda.: dolor lumbar 24/7, prácticamente sin entrenar, motivación tocada y hund" - 1873098032558344808
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Un año y mil hip thrusts de diferencia😂😍. Izda.: dolor lumbar 24/7, prácticamente sin entrenar, motivación tocada y hundida. / Dcha.: molestias puntuales bajo control, entrenando aun de viaje, motivación máxima💃🏽. Pero, como me gusta decir, el progreso más bonito siempre va por dentro💓, y - no me cansaré de repetirlo JAMÁS -: de lo mejor de este año son las personas que me he encontrado en el camino y se han quedado a mi lado - y yo al suyo, obvio😏-, y las que ya estaban pero ahora más cerca (no hace falta etiquetaros🙊). ESTOY FELIZ, JODER🤩 - y eso en pleno SPM es todo un éxito😂😂😂.

Bartek Kulewicz (@b_coolewicz) Instagram Profile Photo b_coolewicz

Bartek Kulewicz

It is often the case that at least one gluteus Maximus does not work as it should for various reasons, so it is sometimes worth to go back to the exercises that fully involve our buttocks and activate them to work during the main part of the training. And you what exercises you perform on the activation 🍑? # #hipthrust

Tom Bailey 🇬🇧 Dubai PT 🇦🇪 (@tombaileypt) Instagram Profile Photo tombaileypt

Tom Bailey 🇬🇧 Dubai PT 🇦🇪

Hip Thruster for Better Glutes!🍑 ______________________________________ Just a few often easily overlooked points to bear in mind when you’re pumping that barbell. Practice this exercise 2x per week and progressively overload to build that Kardashiass!🍑 Tag a friend that needs to up their thrust game 😜 ______________________________________ 1️⃣ Hit the ♥️ 2️⃣ Save the post 💾 3️⃣ Comment if it helped 🗣 4️⃣ Tag a friend 💃🏼🕺🏼 ✖️ __________________________________ #hipthrust

A different of #hipthrust with a twist. . This was inspired by @shelace_ifbbpro from her of what @therock was doing. So guys if you thought this was only for the uh yeah not so much. We can do these too.