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Gameproduction of passion (@3dgamecoder) Instagram Profile Photo 3dgamecoder

Gameproduction of passion

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Selfmade Lerncards for C-Programming: Years ago, i learned the Programming Languages C and C++ trough Distance-Learning (from the SGD/ Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt). . Sometimes i used some selfmade Lern-/Training-Cards (in german Language), that you can see from Picture 2. The front of one (visiting) Card shows the Question, and the back the Answer (with an example includet). First you can see Q&A about Dualsystem, then Hexadecimalsystem, and at least about floating-point Numbers and Format-Elements (2 Cards in 1 Image). . Because i had as a 'Student' not enough Money, i used for this some visiting Cards from a short Job, that i had. This can be the reason for the orange instead another colour too. . I sat near the german River 'Weser' in the Sun, and learned with my Cards. . Some time later i made my first completly selfprogrammed Game: A Tetris Clone for Windows (runs with Dos). A Picture from this Tetris is in this Profile to. . #hexadezimalsystem


Kimon Maurer (@kimonderboss) Instagram Profile Photo kimonderboss

Kimon Maurer

image by Kimon Maurer (@kimonderboss) with caption : "#spongebob #mathe #hexadezimalsystem #f #? Fuu #witzig #sexy #schwarz" - 322901137163509690
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#hexadezimalsystem #? Fuu