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Instagram Image by Moni (@moni_meister) with caption : "... ein wunderschöner letzter Abend ... in Varenna ... #italy  #lagodicomo #feelings #goodtimes #firsttime #neverforget " at Lago di Como, Varenna - 1806250719986962954

... ein wunderschöner letzter Abend ... in Varenna ... #heart Photo by Matze Deibel



Siamak.Mohsenzadeh (@pathology_2000iran) Instagram Profile Photo pathology_2000iran


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@medicalcreationsofficial ✔️ Cystic hydatid disease is endemic in livestock-raising countries and results from infection with the larval or adult form of the Echinococcus granulosus tapeworm. The most common sites of hydatid cysts are the liver (in 50%–70% of cases). Cardiac involvement is seen only in 0.5% to 2% of patients with hydatid disease. Humans become infected by ingesting tapeworm eggs passed from an infected carnivore. This occurs most frequently when individuals handle or contact infected dogs or other infected carnivores or inadvertently ingest food or drink contaminated with fecal material containing tapeworm eggs. The coronary circulation is the main pathway by which the parasitic larvae reach the heart. Because of a rich coronary blood supply, the left ventricle is the site of cardiac hydatid cysts in 55% to 60% of cases. Months or years may pass before an individual exhibits any signs or symptoms of infection with the cystic larval stages. Hydatid disease often present with cough. However, cardiac hydatid cysts are usually asymptomatic, especially in their early stages, and only 10% of patients have clinical symptoms like chest pain, palpitations, cough and dyspnea. Routine laboratory tests do not show specific results. ELISA is one of the most specific serologic tests that can be used, and a positive result for echinococcus antibodies (IgG) confirms the diagnosis. #heart

Notas Medicas (@medical.notas) Instagram Profile Photo medical.notas

Notas Medicas

image by Notas Medicas (@medical.notas) with caption : "Esófago.

#med #medicina #medlife #medicine #life #anatomy #radiology #radiologia #body #anatomia #compartido #heart #sh" - 1806250652214965365
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Esófago. #heart . Lo que aquí se publica es recopilación de varias páginas, autores, de desconocidos. Todo con fines educativos y ayudarte a aprender.

레브앤디아 (@revendia__) Instagram Profile Photo revendia__


image by 레브앤디아 (@revendia__) with caption : "#레브앤디아
사랑스러운 포멘더" - 1806250624935608571
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- 사랑스러운 포멘더

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Cutee💞 ° ° ° ° 💕 #heart

kait🤷🏻‍♀️ (@wrong.wolfhard) Instagram Profile Photo wrong.wolfhard


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big ass mood thread . . . ignore the hashtags but this is like my...5? 6 moods? idk i can’t count and i’m too lazy to bUT the mOOODS tHO ———————————————————————— #heart

R A C H E L  A C K L E Y (@rachelackley) Instagram Profile Photo rachelackley


image by R A C H E L  A C K L E Y (@rachelackley) with caption : "_
sometimes it becomes easy to hold on so tightly to the life we consciously try to create, that it's hard too see furth" - 1806250256096414571
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_ sometimes it becomes easy to hold on so tightly to the life we consciously try to create, that it's hard too see further than what's in front of us. but with each and every breath and step, when we allow our soul to lead, we start to remember who we are. often our soul can see further than our minds, and further than what's directly in front of us. #heart