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Anytime Fitness Wodonga (@anytimefitnesswodonga) Instagram Profile Photo anytimefitnesswodonga

Anytime Fitness Wodonga

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One Day To Say YES • Come in during our 1-Day Sale on Wednesday 22nd between 9am & 9pm and receive... • 🔥$0 Joining Fee 🔥Two weeks of UNLIMITED semi-private PT free 🔥Results Starter Pack 🔥PLUS the first 25 win additional door prizes • Total savings and value up to $420!!!! • Give me a call on 60244455 to arrange a catch up to discuss your health and fitness goals • Let’s make the healthiest and fittest town in Australia! • #healthycommunity



Chantrell Antoine Parker, PhD (@cap_fitness) Instagram Profile Photo cap_fitness

Chantrell Antoine Parker, PhD

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We don’t just talk the talk... we walk the walk! Now it’s time for you to get moving too! Today I’m shouting out @daphneweary1985 @shantellcoulon Margaret and @mzplussizefitnez for getting in another 🚶🏾‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️ Let’s keep this challenge going🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽 (33/40) #healthycommunity

Caryne 🦄 (@caryinspire) Instagram Profile Photo caryinspire

Caryne 🦄

Kampung Warna Warni means 'Village of colour' in Indonesian. As this part of the city was lacking in in order to build a #healthycommunity , eight students did a project and donated over 6'000 Pounds of , all inspired by the of Rio. Thank you students that I had the chance to see this place! 🐧🐢

Mel Post, PF Studio, CPT (@perfectionfitnessstudio) Instagram Profile Photo perfectionfitnessstudio

Mel Post, PF Studio, CPT

Creating Essential Oil blends in roller balls to help families fight the upcoming flu season, sleep better and build stronger immune systems 💪🏽. My first Doterra class in the mountains was amazing 🙏🏼. Thanks sister for Co hosting with me! Too much fun today! #healthycommunity ☀️ Now booking Essential Oil 101 classes for September and October. ☎️ You choose the topic, I make it happen!

✨C h e r y l  W e s l e y✨ (@cherylawesley) Instagram Profile Photo cherylawesley

✨C h e r y l W e s l e y✨

Instagram Image by ✨C h e r y l  W e s l e y✨ (@cherylawesley) with caption : "Dirty bike! 😜🚴‍♀️ We had nice cloud cover, rain, wind and then warm sun all during our 63 mile bike ride. 🤷‍♀️ Gotta lov" at Parker, Colorado - 1848963497306078319

Dirty bike! 😜🚴‍♀️ We had nice cloud cover, rain, wind and then warm sun all during our 63 mile bike ride. 🤷‍♀️ Gotta love weather! Advanced from 50 Miles to 63 today and got some time in the aero bars on the new .

Delfina Connor (#delfit) (@mamafitbydelf) Instagram Profile Photo mamafitbydelf

Delfina Connor (#delfit)

image by Delfina Connor (#delfit) (@mamafitbydelf) with caption : "#EzRepost @fitfoodiesrd with @repostigapp

Eres de los que aman los dulces, el café lleno de azúcar? Eres de los que des" - 1848954566834851233
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@fitfoodiesrd with @repostigapp Eres de los que aman los dulces, el café lleno de azúcar? Eres de los que desconoce que comen alimentos procesados llenos de azucares añadidas y vendidos como “saludables”? Si te das una vuelta por cualquier supermercado, encontrarás sin duda una infinita variedad de alimentos “saludables”. Puede que lleven una preciosa etiqueta que diga lo “light” que son esos productos, pero en realidad muchos de ellos tienen más perjuicios que beneficios. Lo que la industria alimentaria no te dice es que normalmente estos productos están llenos de conservantes, aditivos y azúcares añadidos que potencian el sabor. Muchos nos preguntan a diario porque evitamos los alimentos procesados y con azucar añadida. Aquí les explicamos el porque: ▪️El azúcar parece aumentar la inflamación, una condición que suele ser el origen de la mayoría de las enfermedades. ¿Por qué? Los niveles altos de inflamación que se registran durante un tiempo prolongado están relacionados con un aumento de riesgo de varias enfermedades crónicas, como la diabetes, los problemas del corazón y los trastornos autoinmunitarios. ▪️Estudios recientes sugieren que un consumo elevado de azúcares añadidos aumenta el riesgo de cáncer. Hay una relación indirecta entre el azúcar y el riesgo de cáncer dado que la obesidad, por ejemplo, acentúa el riesgo de padecer muchos tipos de cáncer. ▪️Como ya sabrás, la ingesta de azúcar se suele asociar con un alto riesgo de obesidad, resistencia a la insulina y síndrome metabólico, condiciones que se consideran como factores de riesgo de enfermedades crónicas. ▪️El azúcar es muy adictivo, por lo que resulta casi imposible dejarlo de golpe: estimula la liberación de dopamina, un neurotransmisor que controla los centros del placer y de la recompensa de nuestro cerebro, causando simultáneamente síntomas de abstinencia cuando intentas dejar de consumirlo. Dejamos los links de los estudios que soportan esta información en nuestra BIO. #healthycommunity

image by Whole Mamas (@wholemamasclub) with caption : "Love these easy protein ideas for lunches on-the-go from #Whole30CertifiedCoach Kelly (@showmewholeliving):
"✅Grilled" - 1848865803408024077
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Love these easy protein ideas for lunches on-the-go from Kelly (@showmewholeliving): —⠀ "✅Grilled chicken thighs (any chicken will do, but thighs don’t dry out)⠀ ✅Eggs (hard boiled and frittata are our favorites)⠀ ✅Meatballs (pre-make a bunch and freeze to use later!)⠀ ✅Pork chops/tenderloin⠀ ✅Chicken salad⠀ ✅Quality hot dogs and chicken sausages⠀ —⠀ My kids (as well as my husband and I) are usually content eating these foods cold. They’re also foods that can easily be cooked in large amounts so that there are plenty of leftovers. While the initial cooking may take some time and produce dishes, the work to pack a lunch with these foods is no harder than grabbing a packaged food from the pantry. I encourage you to try this method as you head back-to-school, and see if it could be a simple and sustainable solution for getting more real food on your family’s plate."⠀ —⠀ What do you do to make school lunches easier? Share in the comments.⠀ —⠀ #healthycommunity