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Of_The_Earth_Gems (@of_the_earth_gems) Instagram Profile Photo of_the_earth_gems


image by Of_The_Earth_Gems (@of_the_earth_gems) with caption : "⭐️MIXED CRYSTAL LOT💖
Lot of 4 tumble stones: amethyst, rose quartz, howlite, carnelian.
. . 💕$6 shipped within Unite" - 1850152741815310888
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⭐️MIXED CRYSTAL LOT💖 . . Lot of 4 tumble stones: amethyst, rose quartz, howlite, carnelian. . . 💕$6 shipped within United States. Comment “SOLD” to claim AND DM me your email for PayPal invoice. . . #healingcrystals


Christina✨Fey Herba Organics🌿 (@fey_herba) Instagram Profile Photo fey_herba

Christina✨Fey Herba Organics🌿

✨Starting the week off with a beautiful sun shower & burning palo santo - the cleansing vibes are strong💧🔥 • I’ve had a lot of forced downtime over the past 2 weeks and even though everyone kept telling me, “this is a sign for you to slow down!” - i can’t just sit and do a lot of website editing, writing articles, research, and has kept me busy - I’m so excited for you to see what I have ready for 🍁💚 • Wrapping up & sending out orders today and tomorrow - I’ll be updating the shoppe midweek with a few lovely goodies...I have a MRI scheduled for my back, hoping it’s nothing too serious - whatever they tell me will dictate my work flow, healing vibes pleaseee🤞🏽 • I hope everyone has a productive Monday - finish up those annoyingly difficult tasks so they’re out of your way, and start new projects! It’s all about the details for whatever you put your mind to💋 • Remember... “All it ever takes to step from the ordinary and into the magical is your undivided attention.” 🧠✨ crystals


AtPerrys Healing Crystals (@atperrys) Instagram Profile Photo atperrys

AtPerrys Healing Crystals

image by AtPerrys Healing Crystals (@atperrys) with caption : "Who loves pink?" - 1850150982824378488
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Who loves pink?

石屋きらり2  秋葉原ミネラルマルシェ8/31〜9/2 (@ishiyakirari2) Instagram Profile Photo ishiyakirari2

石屋きらり2 秋葉原ミネラルマルシェ8/31〜9/2

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ここのところ涼しい神奈川です😊 また暑くなるのかな? 爽やかな陽気にはこんなオーロラクォーツ。 錦鯉のような赤や黄色の色合いが、 なんとも言えず美しいです。 webに載せてありますので、ぜひ見てくださいねっ❤️ #healingcrystals

katey • nibiru jewels (@gem_witch) Instagram Profile Photo gem_witch

katey • nibiru jewels

image by katey • nibiru jewels (@gem_witch) with caption : "🗺" - 1850149696415074896
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Megan Kiracofe (@megan_lynne_art) Instagram Profile Photo megan_lynne_art

Megan Kiracofe

image by Megan Kiracofe (@megan_lynne_art) with caption : "Tiger iron and quartz. Happily wrapped and feeling magical :) $20! #wirewrappedjewelry #wirewrappedstones #healingcrysta" - 1850149192536104607
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Tiger iron and quartz. Happily wrapped and feeling magical :) $20! #healingcrystals

Rhea Bracelets (@rheabracelets) Instagram Profile Photo rheabracelets

Rhea Bracelets

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Our bracelets reflect our desire for nature conservation. Available at

Starandmoonbeads (@theempoweredgoddess) Instagram Profile Photo theempoweredgoddess


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Crystal healing is a powerful form of natural healing. The Quartz crystal is known for is profound strength in healing, protection, purification and amplified energy. In this case my poor baby hurt his foot being a goofball. With trust and patience he allowed me to do some crystal healing on his ouchy foot. With great news his foot is feeling better. #healingcrystals