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Ino Mainassy (@ino_mainassy) Instagram Profile Photo ino_mainassy

Ino Mainassy

Instagram Image by Ino Mainassy (@ino_mainassy) with caption : "#happysungjinday" at Namano, Amahai - 1767863572464216347


🤞💕 17/12/18💕🤞 (@bts_editsssss) Instagram Profile Photo bts_editsssss

🤞💕 17/12/18💕🤞

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Happy Birthday Wonpil💙 You are such an amazing pianists! Day6 is such an underrated band. They need more love because they are so amazing. I love you, have an amazing day cutie💙🤞🔐 💛 @coalescnt #happysungjinday

🤞💕 17/12/18💕🤞 (@bts_editsssss) Instagram Profile Photo bts_editsssss

🤞💕 17/12/18💕🤞

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I hate how people are hating on Jae because he supposedly said something wrong! He didn't say anything wrong and people are just hating on him! There are some idols that actually say something bad/wrong and people don't care. He even fucken apologized! He didn't have to because he didn't do/say anything wrong! People just try and find a way to ruin people. They try to make something bad out of someone even though what they said or did wasn't wrong. I'm just so annoyed😒 I love you Jae and I'm gonna support you forever💞🤞🔒 💛 @ultangels #happysungjinday

DamnYoongi-소피아 (@sophia_jordan93) Instagram Profile Photo sophia_jordan93


image by DamnYoongi-소피아 (@sophia_jordan93) with caption : "Happy SUPER LATE B-Day to ma January boys:

#HappyJaeb" - 1716780295691097326
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image by jong97 (@kjong97) with caption : "Happy Sungjin day💕😊
#sungjin #day6 #sungjinday6 #day6sungjin #happysungjinday #kpop #kpopidol #boygroup #boygroups #ko" - 1713321684953403901
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