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Maria Graft (@mariagraft) Instagram Profile Photo mariagraft

Maria Graft

🐶🐶I’ve had 11 dogs over the last 50 years. I’ve always been the one to train them. 🐶🐶 . We have crate trained the last 6 of our dogs and HANDS DOWN, I feel like it’s the better way. So let’s talk about dog crates.... . Some people think they are mean and cruel! 😡😡 . THAT is so NOT true! So let me tell you the facts if you are anti-crating. . 1) Crates are a place where your dog will always be safe. 😚😚 . 2) Crates are a place that is somewhere your dog can go to have some “private time” when s/he doesn’t want to be bothered (especially good for older dogs)🙈 . 3) They will see it as a positive place if YOU see it as a positive place. 👍🏼 . ✖️DON’T make it a punishment ✖️DON’T feel bad that your crating them (they can sense that) ✖️DON’T apologize to them (“I’m sorry Spot, but you have to go in your crate now...they KNOW your language and intonation!) . 👍🏼DO act excited about creating them. 👍🏼DO give them a treat EVERY time at the beginning and I mean the first 6 months to a year! 👍🏼DO make it a comfy place for them with maybe even a toy or two inside. . What are your thoughts? 🤔 . Do you agree⁉️ Disagree about crates⁉️ Give me what you got! ♥️ #happydogs

The Golden Nugget (@nugget_the_golden) Instagram Profile Photo nugget_the_golden

The Golden Nugget

image by The Golden Nugget (@nugget_the_golden) with caption : "Been MIA for a couple month, nugget had another cancer removal surgery from her knee in May. The road to recovery has be" - 1828777763970236313
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Been MIA for a couple month, nugget had another cancer removal surgery from her knee in May. The road to recovery has been a long one, but she was smiling through the whole process and even though we’ve missed a lot of the outdoors this summer. She almost healed up, probably 98%. Our vet has been phenomenal, and their staff have gone above and beyond for us. It’s not surprising Nuggs still walks in there with a big smile full of excitement to see them. Hope everyone’s enjoying the sunshine and nice weather. Hope to be more active posting our adventures going forward!! #happydogs

Melissa Lopez (@melissuuh7671) Instagram Profile Photo melissuuh7671

Melissa Lopez

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