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Sone_YoonTaeYulTi (@sone_yoontaeyulti) Instagram Profile Photo sone_yoontaeyulti


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180729 moment - SMTOWN concert in Osaka ending stage YASSSSSSSS NEW YOONTAE MOMENT IM SOFTTTTT YOONTAE IS THE SOFTEST SHIP OMFG WHY ARE THEY SO CUTEEEEEEE LET ME CRYYYYYY Cr:rimo313 @yoona__lim @taeyeon_ss #gwiyomicouple


Dewi Natalia (@dewinatalia1112) Instagram Profile Photo dewinatalia1112

Dewi Natalia

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The King 2 Hearts #GwiyomiCouple

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🎵So stay_I'm alone_Sometimes, there are days when I can fly too_I'm fine because I'm stronger_Stay with me, Stay with me....🎶🎶 👍👍 #gwiyomicouple