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Ashley Waluk (@walukashley) Instagram Profile Photo walukashley

Ashley Waluk

image by Ashley Waluk (@walukashley) with caption : "😍❤ just thought this was worth sharing!!! You can make the choice to stand tall... through whatever life throws at you.." - 1843978548302331929
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😍❤ just thought this was worth sharing!!! You can make the choice to stand tall... through whatever life throws at you... you can choose to wear your crown (I know I'm a daughter of the most high) and you can choose to be sweet.... what comes out when you are squeezed??? #growyourheart (to yourself is just as important as to others!)


Awaken Your Warrior Heart (@awakenyourwarriorheart) Instagram Profile Photo awakenyourwarriorheart

Awaken Your Warrior Heart

Tonight, Warrior Heartbeat Tyreke and I had the honor of meeting an amazing man and he NEEDS OUR HELP! Meet our newest Warrior Heartbeat, Dr. Joshua Culbreath. Now living near Montgomeryville, PA, Josh grew up in Norristown, PA, is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, a father, a coach and a teacher. He won a Bronze medal in the 400 meter hurdles during the 1956 Olympics that took place in Melbourne, Australia. He won a Gold medal for that same event, twice at the Pan Am Games in 1955 and 1959. Dr. Culbreath did all of this after being told that he was too short to run the hurdles. He taught special needs children when he had been told they were unteachable. Under his care and instruction they not only learned to read and write, but also to sing the Christmas carol, Silent Night, in German, which was the language it had originally been written in. Josh grew up with baseball legend, Tommy Lasorda and was friends with many other famous people, including jazz great, Jimmy Smith. Josh suffered a stroke a short while back, has had 5 surgeries on his feet, a broken neck and is in the early stages of Parkinson’s, yet he still does 200 (Yes, two hundred) push-ups every night before bed. This man is a true Warrior! Josh is currently facing a few hurdles that he needs our help with. His home is in somewhat of a state of disrepair. The Warrior Heart is actively seeking any individuals or organizations who can assist in making some repairs to Josh’s home. Please message me privately if you have any information or would like to help. Dr. Joshua Culbreath, we love you and your Warrior Heart! Stay tuned for videos of our visit with Josh, to be posted in the coming days! #GrowYourHeart

Naturopaths Without Borders (@nwb_global) Instagram Profile Photo nwb_global

Naturopaths Without Borders

image by Naturopaths Without Borders (@nwb_global) with caption : "Volunteer with us!!⠀
#love #volunteer #travel #NWB #OneWorldInHealth #Helpothers #Growth #Growyourheart #Mexico #Haiti" - 1840243226511222655
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MaeAllynFit (@maeallynfit) Instagram Profile Photo maeallynfit


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Interval run: run 2 min jog/1 min/walk 1 min for 16 minutes, proceed with this simple and quick full body routine Tabata style. each movement for 20 seconds on and ten seconds of rest, 8 times through (4 minutes) before moving to next one. Rest 1 minute in between switching movements 👌🏻 . . . #growyourheart

God’s Lover (@ilsa_thegreat) Instagram Profile Photo ilsa_thegreat

God’s Lover

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This morning playing peek-a-boo with my baby deltoid 😻 #growyourheart

A Ginger In Kinder (@agingerinkinder) Instagram Profile Photo agingerinkinder

A Ginger In Kinder

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Big brains, big hearts! My classroom may not be “perfect” or “Pinterest-y”, but it feels open and happy, and I’m loving the natural light my wall of windows provide! More photos to come as I finish up for the start of a new year in Kinder 😊 #growyourheart

Instagram Image by Celeste Peixe (@1000petalslotusyogi) with caption : "It all comes to moments that, you think you know . Just to realize later in life, in brief moments of clarity , that you" at Corroios, Setubal, Portugal - 1836842652719372674

It all comes to moments that, you think you know . Just to realize later in life, in brief moments of clarity , that you don’t know anything at all. ... You realize that those moments , are moments to grow , to expand your consciousness. Those moments that , your heart is growing , and seeing so much more . ... ... and just to think that and realize that you thought you had expanded more than you ever thought possible in your lifetime. ... just like that , you realize , that you’re nothing more than a grain of sand in this world. All and nothing , nothing and all. . . . . #growyourheart

Slow Down Photography (@slowdownphotography_nz) Instagram Profile Photo slowdownphotography_nz

Slow Down Photography

image by Slow Down Photography (@slowdownphotography_nz) with caption : "“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” Socrates" - 1836634775781487610
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“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” Socrates