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Rufus McKinney (@rufuscoltrane) Instagram Profile Photo rufuscoltrane

Rufus McKinney

Kent, Ohio Report Download 3 5

When you open your eyes and realize you don't know how long he's been staring at you

Advertisement (@mathilda.vs842) Instagram Profile Photo mathilda.vs842

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Well is funny memes #goofy

Wryan Watkins (@watkinswryan) Instagram Profile Photo watkinswryan

Wryan Watkins

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One of my favorite things to do at hotels is leave goofy art for the cleaning crew 😅 scroll over for all of them 👆 (°_¬°) #goofy

Disney Na Caixa (@disneynacaixa) Instagram Profile Photo disneynacaixa

Disney Na Caixa

A atração The Barnstormer fica na Fantasyland, na área Circus Storybook. 🎢 O Pateta nos espera para um voo no seu avião de acrobacias . 🎢 É uma montanha russa infantil, com quedas pequenas. 🎢 Restrição de altura: 89cm. 🎢 FP+: sim. 🎢 #goofy

聖里菜 (@seri_nu08) Instagram Profile Photo seri_nu08


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はぁカッコイイ;;;;;;;;;;;;🐶 #goofy