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NEVER GIVE UP💯 (@its.motivation) Instagram Profile Photo its.motivation


image by NEVER GIVE UP💯 (@its.motivation) with caption : "🔹Never give up!🔹
#motivationfriday #it #does #not #matter #special #specialized #motivation💯 #motivated #good #run" - 1827784180142977461
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Göktuğ Altınkaya (@goktug_altinkaya) Instagram Profile Photo goktug_altinkaya

Göktuğ Altınkaya

Göğüs antrenmanı böyle güzel patlıyor ya 😇

Nikolai .I. Prestia (@ni23ko) Instagram Profile Photo ni23ko

Nikolai .I. Prestia

Jenna Mammina (@jennamammina) Instagram Profile Photo jennamammina

Jenna Mammina

Instagram Image by Jenna Mammina (@jennamammina) with caption : "The Charmers are getting close to mastering our new recording! #jennamamminalive #jenna&thecharmers #music #good music #" at Oakland, California - 1827783941646899328

The Charmers are getting close to mastering our new recording! &thecharmers #good music

Tiara 👑 (@storyologist) Instagram Profile Photo storyologist

Tiara 👑

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PROCESS. BTS Outtakes "Lucky Charmz" 2017. Filmmaking is hard AF. I have shed ugly-face tears behind closed doors - as so many of us do. I am hard as a rock on set but in the shadows, I struggle with self-doubt, I take major "L's" and I have cried crocodile tears because it's hard facing the truth of your lack of knowledge in one area, not being a team player, operating out of ego or not knowing how to implement the vision. We want to make "perfection" like the gods of film before us and we don't realize it takes practice. As they say, 10,000 hours. And for some people - an entire lifetime. This is "STORYOLOGY" - the study or practice of creating and sharing your life's work and personal story. We strive to become iconic artists or "storyologists" by being REAL about the process of creation. It is okay to cry. It is definitely okay to fail. Failure is the best professor. I am learning to see the beauty in the process. Many times, a project serves as a personal Masterclass. And when you're working with incredible talent like @jarrett.michael, you have no choice but to sit and take notes. We wanted to create a villain with the aura of traditional "Joker" but put our urban spin on it. Oddly, was one of our beautiful inspirations. I love villains and antiheroes, and I respect darkness as much as I do the light. So we focused on details like mixed vocal tones, accents, the gleam of gold fronts, skeleton aesthetics, erratic behavior and the element of psychotic surprise. He captivated everyone on set and showed me how important it is in taking your time to accurately capture it on camera. We can't control the outcomes of every production variable, but we can honor the dedication of those who put in the work. Thank you to everyone involved for these lessons. And to the creators behind-the-scenes who help make these masterclasses happen @eyeamericasade @bhavishyasharadhi @renalex86 #good

lifestyle shopping (@lifestyle_shopping_30) Instagram Profile Photo lifestyle_shopping_30

lifestyle shopping

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