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Dragonball (@_mr.kakarot_) Instagram Profile Photo _mr.kakarot_


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Fire 🔥 And Kale goes berserk and we are gonna see Kale in her berserk form Vs Golden Freeza 🔥 - Tag someone who would love this 🔥 - | Follow @_mr.kakarot_ for more Dragon Ball content 🔥|



🇦🇱LE🅰️ 🅰️RT🇦🇱 ( Instagram Profile Photo

🇦🇱LE🅰️ 🅰️RT🇦🇱

image by 🇦🇱LE🅰️ 🅰️RT🇦🇱 ( with caption : "😈😇trunks vs Goku Black and Zamasu😇😈 #trunks #goku #vegeta 
#blackgoku #zamasu #gotenks #goten #gogeta 
#vegeto #ssjblue " - 1806009250080003505
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😈😇trunks vs Goku Black and Zamasu😇😈 #gogeta Time:3h30 Like and follow me 🙏🏼🔥

Dragon Ball (Z/GT/KAI/SUPER)™ (@dragonballz.heroes) Instagram Profile Photo dragonballz.heroes

Dragon Ball (Z/GT/KAI/SUPER)™

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😈VEGETA💪 (@infamous_vegeta) Instagram Profile Photo infamous_vegeta


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🔥Gogeta or Vegito?🔵 Like my Previous Posts for more Follow 😈 @infamous_vegeta 😎 ▶ Credit ? 🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆 Hashtags:- [⚠Ignore⚠] 🔵 🔵 #gogeta #gogeta #gogeta ⭐❇✨❇✨❇✨❇✨❇✨❇✨⭐ • Turn On Post Notification 🔔 Tag Some DBZ Fans! ❤ • ドラゴンボールの創作者、鳥山明。 © All rights to Akira Toriyama. Bird Studio, Shueisha Jump, Toei Animations バードスタジオ、集英社、東映アニメーション All Rights Reserved

The Kaio-Shins (@dbz_kaioshins) Instagram Profile Photo dbz_kaioshins

The Kaio-Shins

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Top 5 Leaders that I would like in the Dragonball Super Card Game. 5. Janemba is the villain of Fusion Reborn. Of course he start off in this fat form, then awaken into his skinny form. 4. The Great Saiyanman is the hero of justice for a short time. I’m glad that Super brought him back. Getting back on track, the front side would be of Gohan in his school uniform and of course this awakened side would the Great Saiyanman. 3. Gogeta His front could be him in his base form. True that isn’t cannon, but that form was in Buu’s Furry. Then Gogeta can go Super Saiyan or that could be his front and his awakened side is Super Saiyan 4. 2. Commander Red This is a bit of a crazy idea, but his front would his normal self. His awakened side can take two routes. The first is Commander Red becoming Android 9 from Dragonball Online. The second opinion is what I like to call Commander Red, Wish Granted and it would a taller Commander Red. 1. Monaka because why not. If Hercule Super Saiyan is this card, why Beerus Monaka. I would find funny. #gogeta