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Blank Space (@blankspacenyc) Instagram Profile Photo blankspacenyc

Blank Space

image by Blank Space (@blankspacenyc) with caption : "How hard could it be to write three little words? Ivan chewed the top of his pen, then gracefully transitioned to chewin" - 1847370001489604799
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How hard could it be to write three little words? Ivan chewed the top of his pen, then gracefully transitioned to chewing the nail of his right thumb. It’s time, he told himself, it’s time. It’s been there long enough. These feelings. Where else could his feelings go, except remain within these bare, concrete walls? It was time to tell his dearest. In a scrawl that resembled twigs, he wrote: ɹɥɸбɥɸтебɹ. I love you. “I have no other desire or purpose,” he quickly continued, “except to convey that I love you and I’ve loved you for a long time.” Sweat formed at his brow, between the widow’s peak and his clear brown eyes. He signed the letter with his name, folded the paper in thirds, and slid it inside a white envelope. On the envelope, he wrote his address, but no other address. Just a name, the dearest one to him: Alyosha. ———————————————————————- Part 4 of 5: “The Dearest” By Janice Kim and Carol Shih - Honorable Mention in the 2017 Fairy Tales Competition.



Mrs. Synthia Salomon, Ed.S. (@synthiasalomon) Instagram Profile Photo synthiasalomon

Mrs. Synthia Salomon, Ed.S.

Hey, fans...Did you know that John Snow was a medical based physician? This book looks at progress on a scale. On a global scale, there’s progress in medicine, life expectancy, and tolerance. Life isn’t short anymore. People are wealthier. What drives prosperity? Topics covered: Cleaner Technology, 🇬🇧 UK, WORLDWIDE progress, reduce poverty, take care of the environment (conservation), climate change, Segregation & discrimination, health care... ization

Instagram Image by Eugene (@frankly_marketing) with caption : "New era for retail: price? Quality? Customer experience! 👌🏻
For a very long period main efficiency metric for offline " at Rome, Italy - 1847270469986433600
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New era for retail: price? Quality? Customer experience! 👌🏻 . For a very long period main efficiency metric for offline retail was revenue. How much you can earn from each 1m2 meant how efficient your shop 🛍 . But now, as we are already in digital era I suppose this metric will gonna change very soon 🗒 . As we all buying more and more online the role of traditional shops are coming more and more as showrooms or embassy of the brand 🏛 . So, my forecast that new metrics will be volume of contacts with brand or product for the following positive feedback, purchases and long term relations 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 . To survive in the future, I guess, offline shop will look like very friendly nice-looking space. Main target will be to services and good impression instead of products and shelves 👑 . And marketing focus will move more and more into relations management instead of brand promotion. . Frankly speaking, it’s already happening in household appliances stores. Consumers are coming to offline shop, checking for let’s say TV characteristics, it’s outlook, have consultation, checking for services and guarantee, etc 🗣 . Then he/she is going back home, have family lunch, discuss, and order this TV online, sitting in his favorite sofa 🛋 . But brand impression and amount of services are still vital during his/her visit to offline store for final decision. Then comes positive review, next customer do see it and it’s a new circle 🔗 . What do you think guys for such a forecast? Do you feel this transformation of traditional retail in your markets? . #globalization

İTÜ MAGNET (@itumagnet) Instagram Profile Photo itumagnet


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firmalarına kulak vermeye devam ediyoruz! Yapay zeka teknolojisine sahip bir AR-GE firması olan PIXSelect’in kurucu ortağı Kerem Yazıcı, PIXSelect'i data toplama ve bu dataları işleme süreci olarak tanımlıyor. Kerem Yazıcı, İTÜ Magnet’in iş geliştirme için kuvvetli bir ekosistem olduğunu ifade ederken, burada çok önemli iş birlikleri edindiklerini de vurguluyor. ✌ #globalization

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ABD Dönemi’nde firmalarımızla her sabah 08:30’da bir araya gelerek bir önceki günü değerlendiriyor, o günkü hedeflerin neler olduğunu konuşuyoruz. Sinerjinin ön plana çıktığı ’lere gelin yakından bakalım! #globalization