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The Stage Walk (@thestagewalk) Instagram Profile Photo thestagewalk

The Stage Walk

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We love how the ruffled neckline and petal skirting makes for a great sweet look! Comes with a sash to tie round the waist as well. ✨⠀ ⠀ 👗 // Odelle Ruffles Petal Dress in Dusty Pink. Heels & Hustle (Part II) launches online tomorrow night, 9pm.⠀ ⠀


IronDresses Inc. (@irondressesinc) Instagram Profile Photo irondressesinc

IronDresses Inc.

image by IronDresses Inc. (@irondressesinc) with caption : "Dream Girls Camp!!!! #gobig #irondresses #womenempowerment #girlboss" - 1808096662730332331
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Dream Girls Camp!!!! #girlboss


Alyssa Neill, RDN (@alyssa_neill) Instagram Profile Photo alyssa_neill

Alyssa Neill, RDN

image by Alyssa Neill, RDN (@alyssa_neill) with caption : "Today this brilliant, brave, beautiful and insanely creative woman, @ashlihara, will lead a group of 20+ women through a" - 1808096532882730337
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Today this brilliant, brave, beautiful and insanely creative woman, @ashlihara, will lead a group of 20+ women through a women's empowerment photo shoot. If you don't know Ashli, you'll want to get to. Her story is beyond inspiring and her passion becomes possessing when she is in the throws of creation. @ashlerina Thank you for making your dream a reality that empowers so many. __ To all the women who will be bravely showing up for this shoot today, thank you. Thank you for your willingness to grow and expand and love with us, your sisters. I know it might feel like a lot to show up and stand next to your sisters, but we will do this to remind the world that we are learning how to express exactly what we feel, each of us perfectly different; unique in our power. ____ We are showing up to express our joy, pain, pleasure, learnings, rapture, anger, annoyance, sadness, hope, uniqueness, love, faith, and all the colors in between. We no longer settle for the small box of expression that we are expected to stand in. Tonight is about true, unadulterated expression. _____ I'm thankful for all of you, bold and wild enough to show up in your skin, ready for the gifts of sisterly love. Photo by @ashlihara __________________________________ #girlboss

Laura Sportiello ( Instagram Profile Photo

Laura Sportiello

Instagram Image by Laura Sportiello ( with caption : "How are you?
How many times a day does someone ask you that? How many times a day do you reply “Oh I’m good, how are" at Indianapolis, Indiana - 1808096520601319721

How are you? . . How many times a day does someone ask you that? How many times a day do you reply “Oh I’m good, how are you?” Or if you’re in the Midwest you say “OHP I’m good how are you?”... 😂 . . What is that exchange though.. for real.. we might as well say “This is small talk & we’re both going to smile and nod & say see ya later” I’m the first to admit that I do this on the DAILY. & it’s something I want to work on getting past. At Ball State, I had an acting professor who called us OUT on this habit of instinctually responding with vague, expected replies to a question that is SO IMPORTANT. & I am just now understanding why she called us out on this. . . Why are we so afraid of being honest? With others & with ourselves? Why are we so afraid to truly ask ourselves how we are feeling? Why do we settle for surface level questions & even shallower responses? WHY THO?! . . I’ll tell you right now, here is the answer to that question: I am full, as full as I’ve ever been. Today, I am proud. I am overwhelmed. I am scared. I am sore AF. I am hydrated AF. I am bubbling w/ excitement. If you know me, bubbling is probably not the first word you would think of to describe me.. but today I am. There is POWER in digging into voicing who you are & how you are that is unlike any other power in the universe. So check in w/ yourself today & write it out or tell someone how you actually ARE today, right now. Unfiltered & unedited. Give me a 🙌 if you do this today b/c I wanna see you be brave. . . #girlboss

Chef Diva Chelsea Elizabeth (@chefdivabyce) Instagram Profile Photo chefdivabyce

Chef Diva Chelsea Elizabeth

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Let's talk about a Happy Saturday with another Non-Scale Victory for the win. I slid right into a booth like a regular sized person. I normally have to twist, turn and hold my breath to fit into one. This is big for me.   #GirlBoss  

Elaine Lou|Assertive Biz Coach (@elainelou_) Instagram Profile Photo elainelou_

Elaine Lou|Assertive Biz Coach

Instagram Image by Elaine Lou|Assertive Biz Coach (@elainelou_) with caption : "My ex-boss is my next door neighbor 😱. I left my job 6 months ago and last night I had dinner with her. She taught me th" at The Valley Hunt Club - 1808096345774844445

My ex-boss is my next door neighbor 😱. I left my job 6 months ago and last night I had dinner with her. She taught me that our losses in life is actually freedom. That a new road opens up to step into our best life. . When I lost my job, I didn’t focus on NOT having a job, being $20k in debt or being “rejected.” I focused on what I have - my business and relationships. . What’s happened since then?! The business of my dreams. . I want to talk about my relationship with her because we often think we need to cut off our past to go into full alignment into the future. In reality, it is the past that has created the beautiful PRESENT we have now. . It is because of my mentorship with her that I've learned how to create real and authentic relationships, engage in difficult conversations (I actually love having hard conversations because I see it as opportunities), and always focus on the community rather than the money because money will always show up when you are mission-driven. . I am so grateful I didn't start being an entrepreneur earlier because everything I learned working in politics and the nonprofit sector helped explode my business in 11 months. I get the privilege to SERVE the amazing clients I have around the world. I am so thankful for my past jobs and relationships. . Speaking of relationships, today I’ll be shooting more videos for my community with my childhood friend, Jerel. . Amazing how life works isn’t it!? One moment you think it was the worst day of your life, and when you look back it was the BEST ✨ . #girlboss

Rank & Style (@rankandstyle) Instagram Profile Photo rankandstyle

Rank & Style

Instagram Image by Rank & Style (@rankandstyle) with caption : "A novel by me! 😂" at Austin, Texas - 1808096316104144512

A novel by me! 😂

Mickey 🙊 (@heyymickey_) Instagram Profile Photo heyymickey_

Mickey 🙊

Instagram Image by Mickey 🙊 (@heyymickey_) with caption : "✨New Blog Post up now!! ✨" at Dallas, Texas - 1808096291886309801

✨New Blog Post up now!! ✨

Tysh Mefferd (@tyshmefferd) Instagram Profile Photo tyshmefferd

Tysh Mefferd

image by Tysh Mefferd (@tyshmefferd) with caption : "Happy Saturday!! Life is all about being flexible, optimistic and willing to walk through the doors that open to see whe" - 1808096285115308536
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