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Mason Porta (@masonporta_7) Instagram Profile Photo masonporta_7

Mason Porta

Those faces you make when you just killed a 4am back and ab workout with one of the coolest cats in the ATX‼️🔥 . Shoutout to one of the trillest workout partners @coachcamcamfit 👻💪🏽 . So quick little thought of the day; Guys I know how rough it is waking up to get in those early hour workouts, those 4, 5, 6am muscle pounders in. I’m still adjusting, and to be honest you guys- and I wouldn’t recommend this but it’s what works for ME, I sometimes just DONT sleep, so I’ll stay up, watch a couple movies, work on my language lessons, write out my goals for the day, whatever it takes to keep me up and going and then I drink my tea, aloe and tabs and get the grind in. . I’m a natural “night owl” so it’s not unusual for me to go to bed at midnight, 1, 2 or even 3 in the morning. . But waking up groggy and cranky and flat-out mentally uninspired to hit the weights affects me badly. . But trust me you guys, once you hit that snooze button, you wake up, splash your face with cold water, brush your teeth, drink your shake tea aloe and tabs, and tell yourself “IM GOING TO BE A BADASS TODAY & BETTER THAN I WAS YESTERDAY!!” You’ll walk thru those gym doors with the feeling that you ARE going to conquer the day!! . You ARE a winner! . You ARE a beast! . You ARE Number One! . So get out there and grind! Clang & Bang it even if it’s for an hour!!! . Sweat out all the doubt, fear and weakness and just be the BEST & most BADASS form of yourself! . Be GREAT. Be AMAZING! . #getfitnowaskmehow

Trinity McCallum (@herbafit_trin) Instagram Profile Photo herbafit_trin

Trinity McCallum

image by Trinity McCallum (@herbafit_trin) with caption : "Just sayin...c'mon get on the plan man! Herbalife is the best life ever! #i💚Herbalife #joinmeorwatch #getfitnowaskmehow " - 1871480840341626957
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Just sayin...c'mon get on the plan man! Herbalife is the best life ever! 💚Herbalife #getfitnowaskmehow ✌💚😁💚💪

G A B B Y 🐶💙💍 (@gabsterzxoxo) Instagram Profile Photo gabsterzxoxo

G A B B Y 🐶💙💍

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🎃21 DAY FRIGHTFULLY FIT CHALLENGE REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!!🦇 . I am looking for 20 NEW CLIENTS who want to get some results!! 💪🏽🎃 . Included in my challenge: 🧟‍♀️Personalized Meal Plan 🧟‍♂️Home & Gym Workout Guide 🧟‍♀️Grocery & Recipe List 🧟‍♂️Motivational Group Chat 🧟‍♀️1 on 1 Coaching 🧟‍♂️Prize for TOP Transformation! . . Spots are limited so contact me ASAP to reserve yours! 🙌🏽 . 📩 . 🌐Link on Bio . . #GetFitNowAskMeHow

Tiffany Vrabel (@gymandtonic92) Instagram Profile Photo gymandtonic92

Tiffany Vrabel

Instagram Image by Tiffany Vrabel (@gymandtonic92) with caption : "I’m not sweating...I’m just leaking awesome💪💯🙌💦💦💦 #bikinicompetitor #fueledbyherbalife💚 #getfitnowaskmehow #wellnesscoac" at Hungry Hustla Fitness Gym - 1871404941929382259

I’m not sweating...I’m just leaking awesome💪💯🙌💦💦💦 💚 #getfitnowaskmehow 💯❤️ 💦

T. Williams (@herbabeast7) Instagram Profile Photo herbabeast7

T. Williams

In honor of I give you just a small sample of all the OUTSTANDING results achieved through . I’m a firm believer in hard work but hard work alone won’t do it. You’ve got to fuel your body correctly. If you’re killing yourself in the gym but not seeing the results you want, more than likely your nutrition is to blame. Trust me, you can’t out train a bad diet! It’s time you take the first step in creating YOUR results pic! Let’s chop it up❗️💯💪🏾 • • #getfitnowaskmehow

Health Coach Ellen (@healthcoachellen) Instagram Profile Photo healthcoachellen

Health Coach Ellen

image by Health Coach Ellen (@healthcoachellen) with caption : "My morning pre-workout ritual 💪 
#feelgreatnowaskmehow #getfitnowaskmehow #healthyageing #healthylifestyle #energy #heal" - 1871330542870195948
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My morning pre-workout ritual 💪 #getfitnowaskmehow

T. Williams (@herbabeast7) Instagram Profile Photo herbabeast7

T. Williams

Some of the work from today. It was an intense session and afterwards I was so exhausted I couldn’t move BUT I made it....completed every set, every single rep! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 • • #getfitnowaskmehow

🏪🍃Lock Arms 24Fit🍃🏪 (@itsaschnurlylife) Instagram Profile Photo itsaschnurlylife

🏪🍃Lock Arms 24Fit🍃🏪

Instagram Image by 🏪🍃Lock Arms 24Fit🍃🏪 (@itsaschnurlylife) with caption : "Ok guys the last three months of the year are 2 weeks away!! How will you close out 2018?!? I invite you to jump on this" at Houston, Texas - 1871308085568401725

Ok guys the last three months of the year are 2 weeks away!! How will you close out 2018?!? I invite you to jump on this journey for the next 90 days with me!! I too will be challenging myself to stay consistent and focused on getting my results! You won’t do this alone! Bring a friend; join together and you’ll both get an awesome promo gift! Open Registration is till Sept 30th so don’t miss out! Our coaching includes but not limited to: ✔️Workout Plan (home & gym) ✔️Meal & Supplement Plan ✔️Grocery List ✔️Recipe List ✔️Motivational Group Chat ✔️1 on 1 coaching for business opportunity or just weight maintenance What are you waiting for!? Contact us ASAP to get started on your goals! 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 Message Us Now! Call 📲 832-729-0848 Or visit our site: 🌐 💻 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 Contact us ASAP to register, if you have any questions ... Or leave your contact information below and we'll contact you! ⬇ 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 #getfitnowaskmehow