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Toy Palace GmbH ( Instagram Profile Photo

Toy Palace GmbH

image by Toy Palace GmbH ( with caption : "Lara Croft - Statue 1:4 - Tomb Raider Tempel des Osiris 45 cm - € 329,- World-renowned archaeologist Lara Croft set off " - 1824657170879027537
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Lara Croft - Statue 1:4 - Tomb Raider Tempel des Osiris 45 cm - € 329,- World-renowned archaeologist Lara Croft set off on an expedition to Egypt to reclaim the lost Staff of Osiris. However, she was not alone in her pursuit, as fellow treasure hunter and rival Carter Bell was also looking for the Staff of Osiris. Determined to claim the prize for himself, Carter hastily drew the Staff from its resting place, unleashing a curse upon himself and Lara. In order to survive, Lara had to work with Carter to avoid the wrath of Set, God of the Underworld, and escape from the Temple with the Staff of Osiris in-hand. This dynamic and exciting statue of Lara Croft features her caught in action, leaping from a rock firing her dual-pistols straight ahead. She's wearing her famous turquoise tank-top and cargo shorts, and her hair back in a long ponytail. The remains of an Ancient Egyptian relic are emerging from the sand behind her, and hieroglyphics line the rim of the base. From the base to the top of Lara's head, the statue measures 45 cm tall, and is cast from polystone resin with skillfully hand-crafted details. Each statue comes in deluxe full color packaging, an individually hand numbered base and a certificate of authenticity. Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. #gamingheads


image by @twd_r_collection with caption : "Dayrl and Merle .."- 1823486847595158153
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Dayrl and Merle ..

STUDIO VAULT (@studiovaultin) Instagram Profile Photo studiovaultin


Gaming Heads, HK : God of War : Kratos On Throne 1:3 Statue @studiovaultin @gamingheads #gamingheads

Nintendo_88 (@nintendo_88) Instagram Profile Photo nintendo_88


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Geralt of Rivia Exclusive Version , Polystone Statue 😍🔥🗡, by @prime1studio and @cdpred , 1/4 scale , Number: 32/500, 26 inches tall , Weight: 72.000 lbs , So happy with the low number too 🤤✌🏻, P.S Apple 🍎 for scale 😄✌🏻, Swipe to see more photos ➡️ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• How would you rate this statue between 1 to 10 🤔 ?

image by @twd_r_collection with caption : "Waiting for season 9 😣🧟‍♂️"- 1819831943815037093
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Waiting for season 9 😣🧟‍♂️