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Ennelaiy Gonzalez (@ennelaiy18) Instagram Profile Photo ennelaiy18

Ennelaiy Gonzalez

image by Ennelaiy Gonzalez (@ennelaiy18) with caption : "Drew my friend a while ago #galaxy #sketch #pen" - 1804859577863539779
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Drew my friend a while ago #galaxy



Evelyn Hayes • Art (@thefanfreakwithapencil) Instagram Profile Photo thefanfreakwithapencil

Evelyn Hayes • Art

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Redrew that old piece with crayon art :) @santeena_ I finally posted it and stopped being lazy (posting is tiring af tags are so annoying) #galaxy

🖤❤️Kat & Michelle❤️🖤 (@katandmichelle) Instagram Profile Photo katandmichelle

🖤❤️Kat & Michelle❤️🖤

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UGH IVE MISSED MAKEUP SO MUCH I’m gonna try to fit makeup into my life again I miss it so much 💖💖 played with blues purples reds I should’ve used white eye liner now that I’m looking at it and added like some stars could’ve been like a galaxy type look but at the time didn’t think about it lol smh The look was all @morphebrushes on the eyes I live

image by ローズ Faye (@rose_faye_illustrations) with caption : "Spraypaint exploration using plant forms with illustration of human body forms. I had so much fun making this! The illus" - 1804858346484542241
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Spraypaint exploration using plant forms with illustration of human body forms. I had so much fun making this! The illustration is done in silver metallic gel pen c: #galaxy

John-Joseph Stone (@powerproweb) Instagram Profile Photo powerproweb

John-Joseph Stone

image by John-Joseph Stone (@powerproweb) with caption : "--++== ==++--
--++== #Kratec - Creating the #Warrior #Protector Race ==++--
-------------------" - 1804857731029303925
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--++== .com ==++-- --++== - Creating the Race ==++-- --------------------------------------------------- >>---->>> Live Your Life As "Loves Power In Action" --------------------------------------------------- From all of us here at Human Patrolled Space... May Generous Sci-Fi Blessings be upon your house !!! --++==-----==++-- Sign up on my email list for Book Pre Sales & Merchandise! --++==-----==++-- Human Patrolled Space is a four book series depicting one man's difficult brave journey in the Galaxy to rid it of the controlled . His journey takes him to a star cluster that SOL (Earth) is a part of. A very powerful adventure Kratec has in store as he runs off the Galactic Bullies. ----------------- Kratec created the sentient Warrior Class . These Dragon Ships transport the also newly created Warrior Protector Race around the Milky Way #Galaxy to remove beings that break the rule of Non Interference - Kratec 1st of 4 bks in the Series on Amazon before years end 2018. --++==-----==++-- --++==-----==++-- Please like my Author page on FB ----------------- And... Follow me on Twitter ----------------- And... Instagram