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The Real Wigginnoutradio Show (@wigginnoutradio_melodyallen) Instagram Profile Photo wigginnoutradio_melodyallen

The Real Wigginnoutradio Show

Instagram Image by The Real Wigginnoutradio Show (@wigginnoutradio_melodyallen) with caption : "Calling All Music Artists of all Genres and Djs. If you really have a passion for music and looking to be signed to a re" at Universal Bar & Grill - 1824793433966051394

Calling All Music Artists of all Genres and Djs. If you really have a passion for music and looking to be signed to a record label that can take you global. Then book a slot for August 19th(There is a fee required) No late bookings will be accepted. Rick is a Formal member of the Dream Team and Just Launch his record label, been in the music game for 30 years and he is looking to sign Music Artists and Djs, who are ready to go global in this music game, plus meet Rick himself in person and his surprise celebrity guest. We asked that serious artists who really looking to get signed book a slot and please bring your A game on and off stage. To book your slot right now call 562-506-7078 #futuristic


BitDreams Inc. (@bitdreams_inc) Instagram Profile Photo bitdreams_inc

BitDreams Inc.

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Universal Queen (third photo) is the one captioned. Repost from @delphinediallo using @RepostRegramApp - Universal Queen / Michael Jackson s Legacy / ICON CASS / @cassitacassita style by @anoblesavage Universal réconciliation starts with a shift in thinking. It starts with reconciling your present with the past. It starts by telling the whole story and leaving the verdict to time and future generation. Be forward looking – use the past as reference not a weapon to continue the fraternal conflict · Be less polemical and more instructive- sharing and teaching · Choose integrative thinking over fragmenting rhetoric · Push for inclusiveness at the cost of ALL exclusionary – absolutist paradigms · Move away from vertical style of leadership to a horizontal relationship that will reflect respect for our diversity in all its aspects · Assume a proactive posture over the tendency to be reactive · Substitute I when you speak- instead of “We” – claim self-ownership and let others express their view unfettered Her work is amazing. Visit to show support for artists worldwide. Join the family today!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ . . . . #Futuristic

Mitchell Nwabueze (@mitchellnwabueze) Instagram Profile Photo mitchellnwabueze

Mitchell Nwabueze

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Regrann from @dare_adekoya_ - Brought this to life ... @mitchellnwabueze 's Avela UI. Yes still done with principle.

Dare Adekoya 🇳🇬 (@dare_adekoya_) Instagram Profile Photo dare_adekoya_

Dare Adekoya 🇳🇬

Brought this to life ... @mitchellnwabueze 's Avela UI. Yes still done with principle.

ENVY PERU💋 (@missenvyperu) Instagram Profile Photo missenvyperu


I want to thank @superballamsterdam for this amazing year and for a fabulous show once again! As the winning House of 2017 my girls from @mermaidsmansion and I closed the show with a bang. Condragulations House of Daglara for bringing the trophy to Greece and @tiararatchet for being crowned the new Miss Fish 2018. Welcome to the Fish Family babe! 🌈 • Couture by: @isabell.schulz.atelier Photo by: @cyrieljacobs #futuristic

🌨🍡🍧 (@kokogukkie) Instagram Profile Photo kokogukkie


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im so tired :xx - time used: 5 hours, 49 minutes song: DDU-DU DDU-DU 8BIT, Blackpink - 🎨 #futuristic

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The ending. One of my favorite parts. You got to watch it. Вам нужно это посмотреть. An allusion to Riri's "Only girl in the world"? #futuristic

娜屁艾西艾迪伊 迪勒勒艾娜 (@mrsuicidedoors) Instagram Profile Photo mrsuicidedoors

娜屁艾西艾迪伊 迪勒勒艾娜

娜屁艾西艾迪伊 迪勒勒艾娜 (@mrsuicidedoors) shared  Image on Instagram - 1824782006418397166
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