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image by soma (@1realsoma) with caption : "Good morning babes☀️💛.
صباح الخير ايفري ون، 💛💛. #love #view #beauty #flowers #fashion #freedom #rain #vibes #nature #cof" - 1851327396705484883
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Good morning babes☀️💛. صباح الخير ايفري ون، 💛💛. #freedom

~✨JULIA✨~ (@ogolenko_yu) Instagram Profile Photo ogolenko_yu


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Очень стала любить маленькие закрытые бухты с каменистыми пляжиками, где мало людей. Потому что впереди - только море, сзади - только скалы, а вверху - только небо. И ты в полном уединении с природой! ______________________________________________________ dom

Instagram Image by Angeline (@angie_goh13) with caption : "“Just living is not enough.  One must have sunshine, freedom and little flower.” - Marguerite Carstairs
#qotd #sunshine " at Singapore Botanic Gardens - 1851327304003732609

“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and little flower.” - Marguerite Carstairs #freedom

Ashley M Dias (@dias_dancefit) Instagram Profile Photo dias_dancefit

Ashley M Dias

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This Is My Fight Song🥊 • • • Fighting For The Next Generation 🌠 to know their worth, to believe in their dreams and to never give up on themselves. • • • I believe music and movement are a universal language. One we can all relate to and understand. The way it allows us to express ourself and FEEL. And it allow us to connect to source, to ourselves and to what is most important to us in our lives. • • • The funny part is we actually do KNOW this when we are kids, and somewhere along the way we forget. Much like we forget to play, to create, to discover and to just love ourselves wholeheartedly. • • • • Well I say, it's time we don't forget. May we and our children never have to forget this magical part of ourselves. May we continue to ignite their 🔥 and encourage them to make an EXPLOSION 💥!!! By sharing themselves and their hearts FULLY with others. • • • This is so much more than just teaching your children how to dance. This is about taking a stand for their FREEDOM, WELLBEING & ACCESS TO TRUE HAPPINESS. In being a safe space for them to be, who they really truly are and love every minute of it! • • • The video shared above js @dancepl3y and it is MAGICAL. It has been the most extraordinary, supportive and powerful platform for me to get to share my passion and purpose in life. • • • Which again is to be the stand for our children and the next generation to live the life they deserve. Because together anything is possible and our children and WE deserve to SHINE! Your never to old to be a child 😁🙃🌟 • • • #freedom