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Instagram Image by Stephie (@golden.canopy) with caption : "My running highlight of this week - a 12k race straight after work on Wednesday 😎 I couldn't leave the office until arou" at Hamburg, Germany - 1849443052197752100

My running highlight of this week - a 12k race straight after work on Wednesday 😎 I couldn't leave the office until around 6pm, the event started just an hour later, but with a bit of luck I made it to the venue in good time and because I ran most of my way to get there, I could warm at the same time. Perfect multitasking. This was me sitting on a comfy red couch, enjoying my last break before the start 😊 #freedom


Dead Center Precision (@dead_center_precision) Instagram Profile Photo dead_center_precision

Dead Center Precision

image by Dead Center Precision (@dead_center_precision) with caption : "How do you run your set? Tag us and tell. 
#fde #AR #freedom #patriotism #precisionmatters #personal #preference" - 1849443045613594044
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How do you run your set? Tag us and tell. #freedom


Old School Saturday (@oldschoolsaturday) Instagram Profile Photo oldschoolsaturday

Old School Saturday

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🎶 #FREEDOM 🎶Thank You, ARETHA!!!! 🙏🏾🎶❤️ @iknowdjlv

GuUdAzZ_JeNJeN👸 (@melanated_malkah) Instagram Profile Photo melanated_malkah


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I escaped the light of illusion and drove straight into the pits of darkness... I AM, ILLUMINATED! _________________________________ Ppl used to get mad at me when I said that depression is a choice just like joy and happiness is a choice..And this is coming from ME, someone that spent SIX YEARS in a depression...I chose to be depressed because I CHOSE to look at MYSELF and my Life to figure out WHY certain shit was the way it was I CHOSE to become Aware of myself and because of where I was, this resulted in depression because of how I CHOSE to perceive these Awarenesses... Then I noticed toward the end that I was STUCK in depression because I CHOSE to over identify with my pain...I was holding on to the pain because I did not Know who I was withOUT it.Thats when I CHOSE to let it all go, and it happened little by little. I CHOSE to be happy in Life NO MATTER WHAT is going on in Life.I CHOSE to look at every thing as NECESSARY for my growth and evolution. And because of these choices, I evolved from trying to "cope" with things that didn't go my way to recognizing that ALL is happening in my favor, EVEN IF it does not Feel good..Choice represents our WILL POWER. Understand it and quit being afraid of finding out that YOU are Creating this Life with your CHOICES. Thank you----> TORAH =Truth 🕉️🔥💜___________________________________ #freedom

Josh Franklin (@charmingmusicman) Instagram Profile Photo charmingmusicman

Josh Franklin

Instagram Image by Josh Franklin (@charmingmusicman) with caption : "Concert every Sunday at Freedom Church! #freedomchurch #freedom" at Freedom Church - 1849442872395816179

Concert every Sunday at Freedom Church! #freedom

Sayri Chavez (@sayrichavez) Instagram Profile Photo sayrichavez

Sayri Chavez

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📖 Educa siempre tu mente. Escucha a quienes tienen los resultados! En persona, en libros, en audios, videos, etc... ✔️ Mi mayor admiración para @elonmusk por su forma de enfocarse y trabajar por sus sueños!! . . . . . #freedom