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دكتور تخدير💉 (@dr.t5der) Instagram Profile Photo dr.t5der

دكتور تخدير💉

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🤣😁 العدوى انتقلت إلي فورت نايت

Abhijeet Domane (@the_incredible_dimm) Instagram Profile Photo the_incredible_dimm

Abhijeet Domane

On Earth, there is no heaven.. But there are pieces of it.. Tip: Turn on Sound for the natural melody 🎵🎶 #fort

فورت نايت 💙جوردن💙Fortnite (@jorden_f) Instagram Profile Photo jorden_f

فورت نايت 💙جوردن💙Fortnite

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شرار و نار 🔥😍. . لايك وكومنت للمزيد❤️😍

Mayank Austen Soofi (@thedelhiwalla) Instagram Profile Photo thedelhiwalla

Mayank Austen Soofi

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Red Fort is nothing to it. Seriously. This fort is grander. How to describe it? Think frozen music. The Tughlakabad Fort’s sloping rubble-filled outer walls are spread out on a hillock, like ripples of sound waves extending to infinity. The third city of Delhi (circa 1324) lies forsaken. Monkeys have taken over the ramparts. Thorny grass has laid siege to palace enclosures. Built in just two years by the Tughlak dynasty founder, Ghiyasuddin, the fort’s walls with its invincible fortifications of arrow slots and tiers of loop-holes, were designed to repel the Mongols who never came. Inside was a city with a palace and citadel for the king, and neighbourhoods and bazaars for his people. The 14th century traveler Ibn Battuta talked of “gilded tiles” and “vast stores of wealth”. All that has disappeared. There is no water in the seven tanks. Most of the outer gates are blocked by jungle growth. The underground pits and arched passageways of the citadel are believed to be home to snakes and wild peacocks. The vast rugged landscape is marked with remnants of stonewalls. Only the distant boom of the aeroplanes flying above shatters the fort’s booming silence. After Ghiasuddin’s death in a freak accident (he was inside a pavilion when it collapsed on him), his successor forced Tughlakabad’s population to move into his new capital in central India. The fort fell into disrepair and acquired all the trappings of an abandoned place. Some believe that Tughlakabad Fort was cursed by Delhi’s Sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. Having a strained relationship with Ghiasuddin, he had famously said, “Ya rahey ujjar, ya basey gujjar” (“May the fort remain ruined, or else be occupied by herdsmen).” With its massive circular towers and colossal bastions built to last for all times, the fort’s desolation is especially melancholic. Tourists rarely come to visit this, Delhi’s grandest and largest fort. You must. Tughlakabad’s beautiful savageness will stay with you long after you have left its seemingly unassailable ramparts. #fort

Malbin Antony (@mak_the_explorer) Instagram Profile Photo mak_the_explorer

Malbin Antony

The 'Koteyar'/'Ramakshatriya' community found in Bekal, Panayal and other places in Kasaragod are said to be direct descendants of a community brought to the area to fortify these military garrisons. The area would see many a power struggle until the arrival of the Mysore kings. Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan would further enhance the fort and make it an impregnable force in the area. They too would eventually have to cede the same to the British. Memorabilia found in the fort from those times indicate the importance it held to the Mysore kings. But the sole purpose of acting as a military base would end with the fourth Anglo-Mysore War. The British took over and while it was still an integral stronghold, it also started being used for administrative purposes in Bekal Taluk. Slowly, the political and economic magnitude of Bekal and its port declined considerably. #fort 🚌🏞️🚗🚇🏙️🛩️

💰GENERADOR DE PAVOS💰 (@genera.pavos.fortnite) Instagram Profile Photo genera.pavos.fortnite


image by 💰GENERADOR DE PAVOS💰 (@genera.pavos.fortnite) with caption : "👏Y otra maaaas, Yeahh!!! ¿Quieres Obtener PaVos totalmente GRATIS para #Fortnite?
🔻SIGUE ES" - 1827446500102218725
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