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Food For Soul (Literally!) (@foodforsoulblog) Instagram Profile Photo foodforsoulblog

Food For Soul (Literally!)

•Eid Day 3 dinner was at Bonsai Pan Asian and we availed their Eid Dinner Buffet• . The interior is gorgeous and they have such pretty lights. Couldn’t stop myself from clicking pictures of the restaurant 🙈 . So they had a pretty good menu selection and included everything from starters to desserts. The soups were Tom Yum Kai (was so good had two bowls 🙉) and Corn Soup 🥣 . The appetisers were hot and fresh and the best part was they had the dynamite sauce separately so the chicken and prawns do not become soggy. Plus 1 for that 👊 . Like I mentioned, the menu selection was on point but we didn’t really enjoy main courses. Don’t get me wrong I don’t blame the restaurant but we realised that these food items are best when served fresh on your table. The crispy beef wasn’t crispy anymore and the only item we devoured was red curry 🥘 . Coming to desserts, the cake was so so fresh and soft. Very fluffy and totally yum. Mousse didn’t taste bad but it was very dense. Mousse are supposed to light and airy and they missed that I guess 🤷‍♀️ . Final Verdict: The staff was really cooperative, friendly and on their toes all the time. Rs.850/head isn’t a bad deal but I’d prefer Ala-Carte over a buffet because I personally feel Pan Asian is best served when it is fresh made to order 👀 . #foodadventures



Miami adventures with the Bestie! #foodadventures

Raisa Iqbal (@raisa_iqbal) Instagram Profile Photo raisa_iqbal

Raisa Iqbal

Wore this outfit with peacocks embroidered on it to match the henna art but ofc that’s not even the best part of the photo 😋 #FoodAdventures

Folded Pages Distillery (@foldedpagesdistillery) Instagram Profile Photo foldedpagesdistillery

Folded Pages Distillery

image by Folded Pages Distillery (@foldedpagesdistillery) with caption : "100 chapters, 100 words each. I have to admit that this format is what drew me into this book more than the synopsis. .
" - 1806004970839904350
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100 chapters, 100 words each. I have to admit that this format is what drew me into this book more than the synopsis. . 🍳 But I was intrigued by this shortie, so I scooped it up and it was really exactly what I needed during my reading slump last week. It took me about 35 minutes to read and the overall message really resonated with me for a few reasons. . 🍳 To be honest, the first several chapters felt a little like walking in a circle. I felt like I was reading basically the same thing over and over again. You have 16 year old Will who lost his father to suicide three years earlier. He spends his time walking the streets and thinking, or working at the Dollar Only store. I’m not going to spell out too much here because the synopsis will basically tell you everything since it’s so short. . 🍳 But the short evolution of Will in this story made sense in the end. When you’re stuck in your grief, you kind of are walking in a circle. Replaying memories, going through the motions, etc etc. Will spends his evenings trying to replicate his dad’s cornbread recipe and thinking about the last words they exchanged. . 🍳 But the thing that really touched me about Will was his goodness. He is a kind kid and he’s thoughtful. He started doing good for others and making those people part of his life by the way he interacted with them. Such a short and small book, but such a big reminder to me that doing good and being kind can be made up of small gestures that mean a lot to all parties involved. Also, by lifting others you can lift yourself. . 🍳 I think this is the kind of book that you’d read in class in high school and really be able to discuss. And it’s also a reminder to all: if you have depression or suicidal thoughts, please reach out to someone. And a reminder to everyone to check up on the people in your lives and be there for them. . 🍳 I’m not sure that the actual story or the format was especially stand out, but it definitely was the vehicle to a message that reminded me and encouraged me to do better, be kinder, be more aware, and be there for the people in my life. . 🍳

Food and Booze Adventures (@love_food_and_booze) Instagram Profile Photo love_food_and_booze

Food and Booze Adventures

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I had forgotten how nice homemade bread 🍞 could taste. Needless to say that the second photo was taken only a couple of hours after the first 😀. . . I do feel like a bit of a cheat for using a bread maker, but then... I get the perfect loaf EVERY time (except when I forget to add the water... oops) 👍😀 . . . . . . adventures

Matthew Cuevas (@matt_cuevas17) Instagram Profile Photo matt_cuevas17

Matthew Cuevas

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Rendered my drawing of a pretzel clean and jerking cheese 🥨 🧀 🏋️‍♀️ . My combo of Food, Fun, & Fitness 😁 . #foodadventures

CINI’S (@eatcinis) Instagram Profile Photo eatcinis


@marysa.fernandez ❤️ 🙌 gettin her Cini Streeeeetch On!!!🤗 EAT CINI’S!!!🔥💣👅💦💦❤️•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #foodadventures

Japanese Sushi Restauarant (@yuhoki) Instagram Profile Photo yuhoki

Japanese Sushi Restauarant

Instagram Image by Japanese Sushi Restauarant (@yuhoki) with caption : "Our #Seaweed #Salad has the perfect #summer crunch! Flavours packed with a refreshing tanginess, it's a great addition t" at Yuhoki Japanese Restaurant - 1805993070995654648

Our has the perfect crunch! Flavours packed with a refreshing tanginess, it's a great addition to any meal! 🤤🥗