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~ Em & Sav ~ (@jhopesslutyehet) Instagram Profile Photo jhopesslutyehet

~ Em & Sav ~

image by ~ Em & Sav ~ (@jhopesslutyehet) with caption : "It was early evening while baekhyun made his journey down the golden-lit street, humming softly along to a melody he cou" - 1824212912932159921
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It was early evening while baekhyun made his journey down the golden-lit street, humming softly along to a melody he couldn't quite place. The warm breeze was barely a whisper against his skin, shifting his hair only slightly and carrying the sound of distant murmurs and laughter down the empty streets and past the cars lined up along the curb like they were queuing to watch the setting of the sun. A fluorescent sign just ahead indicated that Baekhyun was arriving at his destination, the only sign of life in the otherwise unoccupied suburb. In contrast to the exuberant displays in Baekhyun's flower shop, the exterior of the tattoo parlour was dark, sophisticated and minimalistic - an enigma surrounded by the other dainty, picturesque storefronts. He checked his phone one last time to see if Kyungsoo had sent him any messages after the blunt one-liner he'd delivered, demanding that he came to the parlour immediately after finishing his shift and locking up. Nothing. So with an indifferent shrug, he pushed open the black oak door and wandered into the shop, side-eyeing the deceptively cheery bell chiming above his head. Again, Baekhyun was struck by how different the place was from his usual environment. The white tile floor was replaced with sleek black lino, the cream wallpaper adorned with creeping ivy and vibrant flowers were interchanged with a deep maroon coat of paint and the multitudes of florals and succulents were nowhere to be seen, various items of clutter decorated the parlour instead - a sketchbook here, Jongin's bandana thrown over the back of a chair and several pens in various states of destroy were scattered across the desk. Meeting eyes with Jongin, Baekhyun recognised the expression of surprise on his face and had to ponder for a moment whether he'd dreamt the whole interaction - if that's what you could call it - with Kyungsoo. "Baek, what're you doing here?" He quizzed, striding out from behind the counter. "Kyungsoo texted and said he wanted to hang out." Baekhyun answered simply. Jongin gave a quick, urgent shake of his head, his dark chestnut hair splaying across his forehead and becoming even more tousled than before.

xxløstgïrlxx (@roadtriptv.loren) Instagram Profile Photo roadtriptv.loren


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Congratulations Roadtrip. I guess it was kinda obvious that they were going to win. The next elimination game will not be Roadtrip. But for now, I'm going back to my regular post what I want and no theme!! Til next time! • • • • @roadtriptv • • • • • #fluff

Howard Habibi (@howie_habibi) Instagram Profile Photo howie_habibi

Howard Habibi

image by Howard Habibi (@howie_habibi) with caption : "What is this place??? #indoorcat" - 1824211753359465524
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What is this place???