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image by Melanie (@fit_by_melanie) with caption : "#currentsituation #flexing harder to see my #abs but they are still hanging on! ——————————
Weight 99-100lbs depending, B" - 1825015681520120009
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#flexing harder to see my but they are still hanging on! —————————— Weight 99-100lbs depending, BF 15-16% with visible 🙌🏽 working on building my body for 2019 shows. I refuse to step on stage with the same shape and size. Time to grow. 💪🏽🖤 —————————— are possibly natural, steroid free, keeping body fat in check. first and a good rest and reset period of me. Needed. Mental and physical gains happening. —————————- Im not one to justify getting thick when not prepping for the stage. If you know me, you know I maintain a certain level of year round. It’s not for everyone. Some people need more body fat to feel good and want to eat without restrictions. For me, as I follow a 100% approach during preps, I loose the need to over indulge in EVERYTHING. Yes I over eat and even loose my restraints around 🍻🍩🍪 from time to time, but as ya’ll know- a day of over eating won’t make you instantly fat. Just as a day of eating light won’t make you instantly slim. It’s a not a fit moment. I preach this, practice this and teach this. Hope everyone’s week has started our amazing!! Find your reason and stay their


Cosimo Agostino 🇮🇹 (@cos2be_fit) Instagram Profile Photo cos2be_fit

Cosimo Agostino 🇮🇹

Instagram Image by Cosimo Agostino 🇮🇹 (@cos2be_fit) with caption : "ROUND 2 COMPLETE ☑️
-------------------------- POWERED BY @rivaluscanada - POST RX FOR THE WIN" at LA Fitness - VAUGHAN - 1825015331892286154

ROUND 2 COMPLETE ☑️ -------------------------- POWERED BY @rivaluscanada - POST RX FOR THE WIN

Lory🇻🇪🇨🇴 (@therealmisslory) Instagram Profile Photo therealmisslory


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In shape b*tches 😎😎😎

Exoticseeker (@exoticseeker) Instagram Profile Photo exoticseeker


image by Exoticseeker (@exoticseeker) with caption : "New gear just arrived 🔥💪🌱#ethosgenetics #getseedsrighthere #flexing #roadkill #michigan #269 #alwaysbeflowering" - 1825011419545041469
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New gear just arrived 🔥💪🌱 #flexing

image by AESTHETIC WORLD (@aestheticworldofficial) with caption : "NEW YOUNG GENERATION 🔥

Motivation every day ➘➘" - 1825010107902202272
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NEW YOUNG GENERATION 🔥 Motivation every day ➘➘