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HER WORDS MEANT A LOT, BUT HER EFFORT AND DETERMINATION MEANS ON MUCH MORE * Please visit my FAVORITE NUTRITIONIST for VEGANS, VEGETARIANS AND ETC. @wholistic_essentials, for MEAL PREPPING @moniqueschoice1, @fireandicetherapeuticmassage for MASSAGES . and visit @completenutritionclt for all protein and supplements. * Improve yourself not just physically, but mentally. The mind and body needs to coexist. "LET ME HELP YOU BECOME A BETTER YOU!!!" I AM AFFORDABLE, DEPENDABLE, MOBILE AND UNDERSTANDING💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Call or text me (803 999 6554) or email @ to start your journey * motivation motivation @amazzme @braddlemaire @therealnicoledanielle @valliej1002 @wholistic_essentials @completenutritionclt @gopal.swamy.3958 @nas



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Downey JR Martin

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120kg for hip thrust...glutes has to be strong to make your legs grow ...ask your trainer what is it motivation

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Al que madruga Dios le ayuda 🙌🏼👌🙏🏽💪🏻🤳🏼🏋️‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ #fitnessmotivation

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PT Promo video done 💯 @steveberrypt, An excellent PT, delivers an outstanding service and has great knowledge on the body!! If you want to feel good, get fit and determined to achieve then get in touch. Visit for further information!!! #fitnessmotivation

Early morning deadlift session. Knee is 100% yet so 315 is as far as I go. Controlled the weight, felt pretty strong. Always room for improvement. Wanna deadlift or love strength training, click the link and go grab my GGG (Gotta Get Geeked) Strength Program. motivation @logic @skullcandy @melaninfitspiration @ebonyfitfreaks

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The power of group fitness Training alone require so much self-motivation, Training in a gym is rather boring We always take our group classes for granted until they are gone !!! In 30 years of fitness I have tried it all Weight lifting,Pt,Sport ,Online vidéos ,,,, The only fitness that make me buzz is group fitness The motivation,the love ,the community ,the friendships,the passion . So yep I am missing you and the classes so much can’t wait to be back and kill the dance floor again In the mean time keep dancing ,keep sweating ,keep twerking ,keep Clubbercising,keep Konga ,keep checking for the little challenges soon to be back on See y’all very soon motivation @bjamfitness

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Compound exercises are my favorite because I’m working more than just one body part at a time🏋🏻‍♀️ #fitnessmotivation