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Fit Body Hanz (@hanzfitbody) Instagram Profile Photo hanzfitbody

Fit Body Hanz

image by Fit Body Hanz (@hanzfitbody) with caption : "What do you say?
🙏😊💙" - 1829431527719473645
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What do you say? 🙏😊💙


Fitness ZX (@zxfitzx) Instagram Profile Photo zxfitzx

Fitness ZX

image by Fitness ZX (@zxfitzx) with caption : "🙌🌟💯
Shoot a comment about this!" - 1829430487381112663
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🙌🌟💯 Shoot a comment about this!


Online Lifestyle Coach (@zeekfitfreak) Instagram Profile Photo zeekfitfreak

Online Lifestyle Coach

Happy Sunday you beautiful person! : Today I’m demonstrating one of my favorite shoulder exercises. The Incline Bench Y : Please notice the angle at which my elbow bends. I rushed through this video and my arms are not quite at the angle they should be at. I want to see more of a straight line and less of a bend in the elbow. : However, please don’t confuse this with locking out the elbow because that is not necessary and could actually be detrimental to the exercise : Start off with body weight. No matter if you’re a man or women. This is a exercise that requires a great amount of mind to muscle attention and focus : As your progress to more weight. Most individuals will not progress past a 10lb. This means you need to work with weights under 10lbs. If you’re not feeling it, you’re doing it wrong. : Start off with 2-3 sets of 20 reps without weight and progress with adding weight and maintaining sets and reps : If you learned something from this video, please ya g a friend that could use this instruction : Any questions? Drop them below and we’ll get you sorted out 💪 : 🔥LIFT LIFE🔥 : Coach Z