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News Room (@newsroomgy) Instagram Profile Photo newsroomgy

News Room

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“I bring a heart for the people of Guyana”- new PNC/R Chair @newsroomgy “I do not bring gold or silver but what I bring is a heart for the people of Guyana.” Those were the words of newly elected Chairperson of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), Volda Lawrence as she delivered her victory speech in the wee hours of Monday at the party’s Headquarters at Congress Place, Sophia. At the party’s 20th Biennial Delegates Congress, attended by more than 50% women, Lawrence was elected as the first female Chair of the party with 346 votes. After hours of counting votes, her competitors Joseph Harmon and Basil Williams received 287 and 183 votes, respectively. “I pledge to walk the walk and to talk the talk to ensure that we remain in Government for the next five and next five and next five …years and I also pledge to work with our leader and leaders to ensure that we address the needs of our people and that we all work together in unity,” Lawrence, who also serves as Public Health Minister, said to the delegates who remained at Congress Place for the results at midnight on Sunday. Lawrence also captured 244 votes for the post of First Vice Chair which she also contested. /7 #everyday 🇬🇾



Trine-Lise Vollaug (@trinelisegvollaug) Instagram Profile Photo trinelisegvollaug

Trine-Lise Vollaug

image by Trine-Lise Vollaug (@trinelisegvollaug) with caption : "Ikke en dag går forbi uten at jeg tenker på deg og savner deg! ❣️ #Aimee #gordonsetter #settersofinstagram #settersofnor" - 1850086831020657123
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Ikke en dag går forbi uten at jeg tenker på deg og savner deg! ❣️ #everyday 🐾❤️

Mariam Saib (@mariam_saib) Instagram Profile Photo mariam_saib

Mariam Saib

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QIA #everyday a whole new learning experience # simulation of the 5 days of haj learners learning through fun# practical demonstration# spirit of eid and qurbani of excellence! Where the learning never stops....💕💫

image by mokka (@mokka_km) with caption : "8.20
夏向きの4枚が" - 1850085838092808257
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8.20 帰省の第2陣の来る前日に、座布団カバーを作り始める。 本当は、第1陣が来る前に、夏らしいカバーに4枚総取っ替えのプランを立てていたのだか、間に合わず… 第2陣にも、2枚しか作れそうにない。 が、これも想定内である。 夏向きの4枚が仕上がる頃には、秋の気配か…💦 ・ #1年と133日 #everyday

Sarah Gonzalez (@sarahraaee) Instagram Profile Photo sarahraaee

Sarah Gonzalez

image by Sarah Gonzalez (@sarahraaee) with caption : "My breakfast every morning ☺️ “Repetition is key to becoming who you want to be.” 💛" - 1850085491527703030
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My breakfast every morning ☺️ “Repetition is key to becoming who you want to be.” 💛

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🎧🎧🎧🖤🖤🖤🖤🎧🎧🎧 . . おしごと がんばる🔥 . . . . もうすぐ あえるの ドキドキ💓 . . . . ❤️❤️❤️❤️@yhm1991 #everyday #🎧 #❤️ #💛