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Pandamonium Raves™ (@pandamonium_raves) Instagram Profile Photo pandamonium_raves

Pandamonium Raves™

image by Pandamonium Raves™ (@pandamonium_raves) with caption : "😱Less than 100 GA tickets remaining at the current tier for @imaginemusicfestival ✌😎 Who is going to be there!? #Imagine" - 1846295884871402614
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😱Less than 100 GA tickets remaining at the current tier for @imaginemusicfestival ✌😎 Who is going to be there!?


image by Audrey👽 (@audreytenbrock) with caption : "I miss forest, I miss forest fam. 😭 #forestfamilyforever #electricforest2018 #staytrippy #staywoke #staylit" - 1846235110690939358
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I miss forest, I miss forest fam. 😭 #electricforest2018

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@kinpix ・・・ @enerj23 and @hi_rolla_granola feeling the energy of #electricforest2018 for a good 45 minutes straight. Meanwhile, @tyronelindqvist of @rufusdusol is saving his energy for his night set. Going to is quite the experience because of the atmosphere and the people. I posted these guys, because I specifically remember dancing the entire set including the guys in the video. I was DRENCHED in sweat. . Shakey camera work because dancing is contagious. I didn't sync the music because I wanted to preserve the flow of dancing. I used manual focus because I filmed this at . I sped it up to 272% (no math, just eyeballed) for normal playback. The footwork is actually from some earlier clips but it worked out where I mixed the two angles for the video. Camera: Lens: Color: Song: @Cassian88 - "Know U Well"

image by Nick Hagan ( with caption : "#electricforest2018  # picsart" - 1846194477976585565
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#electricforest2018 # picsart

Sacred Springs Kombucha (@sacredsprings) Instagram Profile Photo sacredsprings

Sacred Springs Kombucha

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We truly appreciate everyone who stopped by our booth at Electric Forest! We had an amazing first year and can’t wait to see everyone back at the forest next year! Happy forest 🌲🌲🌲 2018

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Missing my braid maid sisters & the forest extra today 💖💖💖Getting to work with @glmdolls and be a part of Electric Forest, which was my first festival 3 years ago, was literally a dream come true #electricforest2018