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JOLLY RANCHER CREAM SMOOTHIE from , because . 🙈There is pretty much nothing I can say now to top that sentence so l’ll just say it was so and so (swipe 😆) and I’ll be sorry for the fact that I KEEP choosing recovery and that I keep challenging thoughts. Recovery is POSSIBLE and WORTH IT. 💪 • • • - 🍭 - If you want to come with me when I buy this yumminess watch the NEW that will be on my channel TONIGHT. 🎥 - 🍭 - **Game: We are going on a picnic, what are you bringing? Make it start with the first letter of your user name! 🍽 - 🍭 -


image by Jayme (@jaymerecovery123) with caption : "#supper : Chicken nuggets 😟, veggies, bread, soup, gingersnap cookie, raspberry syrup, crackers, soy milk, cranberry jui" - 1826514731105994454
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: Chicken nuggets 😟, veggies, bread, soup, gingersnap cookie, raspberry syrup, crackers, soy milk, cranberry juice & apple juice. I didn't really feel like eating supper but I had to keep reminding myself what ED will cost me and that no food will ever hurt me as much as my ED. #eattobeatit


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For years I kept choosing the lighter option, the bread that is lower in calories. Now it’s time to wave this illness goodbye and eat exactly what Elina wants! was two slices of my favourite rye bread - the first with pb, banana, granola and an avocado cookie + the second with twix spread, banana, granola and choco wheats had together with fruits and berries plus a milka bar!👅 - The visit at my mom’s goddaughter went pretty well. I played different games with her 4-year-old little sister and enjoyed a heavenly homemade cinnamon bun at the coffee table. Their mother was so sorry about not knowing what to serve because of me. I do appreciate her purpose and love how she thought about me but it just made me think when the stain of that anorexic girl will go away. I’m not my eating disorder. I never was and I never will be.🤷🏼‍♀️

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Dinner tonight is a grilled chicken breast, roasted potatoes, broccoli, and corn 😋🥔🥦🌽. This meal was super filling and super yummy! I also loved eating on my new bowl and plate that I made at pottery with my mom. I made a sunflower bowl because I love flowers and have a flower collection. For my plate, I decided to use a heart to remind myself that I should love myself and the food I eat to nourish my body. I also chose to write inspirational words to motivate me to push through every meal and stay strong through his journey. Of course, I put my most treasured word in the middle: Bliss. The reason is because I am recovering in order to find my bliss in life. I hope that you all have an amazing night and continue to stay strong because each and everyone of you lovely people are so incredibly worth it 💕💘 #eattobeatit

Fighting Anorexia/EDNOS (@gaining_life_back_) Instagram Profile Photo gaining_life_back_

Fighting Anorexia/EDNOS

image by Fighting Anorexia/EDNOS (@gaining_life_back_) with caption : "Feeling happy but guilty atm, didn’t know that was possible but okay? Haha
Had this after my gym session and for one or " - 1826414781050042684
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Feeling happy but guilty atm, didn’t know that was possible but okay? Haha Had this after my gym session and for one or two hours later I had a toast with veggies and a vegan hot dog with my mom, and cheese obviously (fear food but I survived 🤗) and then I ate some more of my sugar free chocolate because I craved sweet. TW- I’m feeling really guilty now, and I’m probably going to exercise later even though it’s almost midnight hehe, that is one of the things I can’t quit, exercising when I feel guilty. I know that my body burns calories on its own and everything like that but still, I’m obsessed. I didn’t even eat that much today? Ugh, I’m so sick of this illness. #eattobeatit

I took my outside today to get some fresh air and I thought I should feature my , since I talk to them everyday. 😆🍄🍀 Whenever I walk in the front door, I always say “hey Gnomes, thanks guys!” because when I was little my mom told me that they protect all the beautiful flowers. 🌷I’ll really crap my pants when they answer me. 😬 • • • - 🍫 - Speaking of , this DARK CHOCOLATE w/HONEY CARAMEL & SEA SALT was so delicious and beautiful until it melted in the sun and then it just looked like POOP 💩 (swipe, or don’t 😜). Still tasted good. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Chocolate and sunshine are definitely two of my most favorite things.👌 - 🍫 - Do you have a wreath or decorations outside your front door or is simple the way to go? - 🍫 -

My road to recovery (@kiki_fighting_for_life) Instagram Profile Photo kiki_fighting_for_life

My road to recovery

image by My road to recovery (@kiki_fighting_for_life) with caption : "Good evening guyys 💫
#nightsnack after a wonderful burger date with my friend and to end up this challenging Wednesday I" - 1826355642547613012
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Good evening guyys 💫 after a wonderful burger date with my friend and to end up this challenging Wednesday I’m going to have the whole package of those mustard sausage flavored ,Crunchips’ crisps and a ‘BiFi’ pizza snack 😍 (*unbezahlte Werbung, da Markenerkennung) As I already mentioned I had a WONDERFUL day with my friend and the burgerdate at ‘Peter Pane’ was just AMAZIING 😁🙌🏻 I’m soo glad that I didn’t let my bad bodyimage destroy the amazing day with my friend or influence my order at the restaurant. NO. I ordered a BURGER with CREAMY COLESLAW because I REALLY WANTED IT 💪🏻 And hell YES battling this stupid illness with this decision was SOO WORTH IT 💁 Aaaaaand on top of that and to kick this illnesses ass even HARDER today I will ALSO enjoy this heavenly nightsnack now, while drinking a cold limo and watching TV 👯‍♀️🌈 The stronger we fight the quieter this voice will get 🥊 OKAYYY guys, I hope you had a nice Wednesday as well and are all fine 😇 Life is worth it guyyys and accomplishing those challenges will make you realize that more and more, I promise youuuu ❤️❤️❤️ Hasta mañana chicos and ALWAYS STAY STRONG 💪🏻 Bye bye honeybees 🐝🍯

Post fata resurgo. (@_.theflameinside._) Instagram Profile Photo _.theflameinside._

Post fata resurgo.

image by Post fata resurgo. (@_.theflameinside._) with caption : "Buonaseraaa 😎 (oggi sono inflippata con sta faccina, ignoratemi 😂)
Oggi pomeriggio alla fine sono stata in biblioteca (o" - 1826310622977930663
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Buonaseraaa 😎 (oggi sono inflippata con sta faccina, ignoratemi 😂) Oggi pomeriggio alla fine sono stata in biblioteca (ovviamente con sto caldo sono andata in autobus) e... Era chiusa per il cambio di orari estivo e sul sito sta cosa non era segnalata, ma che culo 😂 Vabbè, ho fatto un giretto almeno! Dopo la merenda mi sono spiaggiata sul letto mandando bellamente a farsi fottere i pensieri sull'inattività eeee niente, il mio neurone soffre il caldo 😌 Cenetta: * 80 grammi di pane di segale 🍞 con un cucchiaio d'olio * salmone 🐟 e hamburgerino di merluzzo 🐡 * cetriolo 🥒 L'ultima volta che ho mangiato il salmone @nuvoledime mi ha sgamata a non mettere l'olio 😂❤️, questa volta le voci urlavano ma io mi sono ripetuta che questi grassi buoni mi servono, mi fanno del bene. E non lo dico tanto per dire, mi fanno bene anche per il colesterolo (che è alto per genetica 😌). Basta avere paura del bene. Basta cazzo. Basta. E basta anche pretendere la guarigione da un giorno all'altro. Prima era un "o guarisco insieme mentalmente e fisicamente, oppure non guarisco", ora accetto che ci vorranno mesi, forse anni per superare la paura, ma non ho più paura della prospettiva di lavorare su me stessa a lungo. Ci vorrà del tempo, rimbocchiamoci le maniche, ne varrà la pena quando riuscirò non ad accettarmi, quello non basta, ma ad amarmi, a smettere di addossarmi colpe che non ho come quella di avere un determinato aspetto fisico. Sarò fuori di qui del tutto non quando mangerò ciò che mi piace senza pensieri, ma quando non sentirò più la vocina che mi fa "Sei brutta, fai schifo e meriti di fare la fame". Non ho ucciso nessuno e non è una mia colpa essere ciò che sono. Punto. Stop. *************************************** Stasera non so se guardare un film o fare la sedula discipula (I latinisti capiranno 😎) e iniziare una versione di latino. Si vedrà. Voi cosa combinate questa sera? Buona serata! #eattobeatit

Sash🌸🌼🌺 (@sashrecoveryxx) Instagram Profile Photo sashrecoveryxx


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And why stop the challenged at afternoon snack....when, I HAD FISH 🐟🐟🐟 for tea💪🏻 - - Dinner tonight is: tender stem broccoli🥦, half a packet of brown rice🍚 and a piece of haddock🐟 and OMG it was AMAZING😍😍😍 - - I don’t know what’s going on with my cravings lately but, basically, I’ve been craving those battered fish fillets from Birds-Eye for YEARS, however I’ve not been ‘allowed to’ because ‘batter is unnecessary’😒 they were such a Pre-ED fave😳 ANYWAYYYYY, I’ve never really been a fish fan but I have been craving it, so without asking, mum picked up some haddock fillets and I freaked out instantly...but why should I? It’s just fish! It’s protein! It’s just fucking food!!!!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ and to much to Ana’s disgust, I loved it💪🏻 let’s hope one day I can challenge that battered fish I loved so much as a child🤭 - - Anyone else feel likes today been a mixture between drag and flew by? Like I’m sure I blinked and it was 2pm? And now it’s near 6?!😳 how and what have I been doing all day?! Apart from baby sitting, walking to the opticians and back, and sorted dinner out for myself?🤭🤦🏻‍♀️ haven’t a clue but I need to start being more productive😂 - - Mum did chicken carbonara for tea for everyone else, but the mix of bacon, eggs, and everything else, was just too much for me today...maybe another day because it looked amazing🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m sick of missing out on things...I’ll keep pushing💪🏻 - - Hope you’re all okay my lovelies❤️❤️❤️ - - #eattobeatit