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⚜️FIFTH GENERATION - 2007 - ⚜️ ⚜️FUN FACT - As a tribute to the 1968 California Special, Ford added a limited production factory GT/California Special in 2007. The GT/CS is based on a Mustang GT with a 4.6 liter engine. The same front and rear fascias (bumper covers) for the GT/CS were used on the Shelby GT-H and Shelby GT ⚜️Model Featured - 2007 Mustang GT California Special ⚜️Model By Autoart (1/18) #detroit


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I been knocked out 49 time, I get up in age of 50. . سقطت 49 مرة، ونهضت في عمر الخمسين.


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I still can't believe you been gone that long. Thank you for everything. 23 years and Grand Rapids Michigan still throwing parties for you like your day is a Holiday. 🙏 #Detroit

Dem boys put on a classic tonight if you wasn't there you missed out @quavohuncho @offsetyrn @yrntakeoff @champagnepapi #detroit

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1 lemons 2 an attempt to draw Connor from Detroit:Become Human, I cant seem to get @bryandechart facial features down. Should I make it into a digital piece? - - - 🎨 #detroit

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image by FirstPostsOf (@firstpostsof) with caption : "Eminem’s first ever post on instagram.(2013)
Caption: “”
Who should i do " - 1847074061500734641
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Eminem’s first ever post on instagram.(2013) 🔰——————————— Caption: “” 🔰——————————— Who should i do next? 🔰——————————— - - - - - - #detroit