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Kirsi Hastings (@kikirsi) Instagram Profile Photo kikirsi

Kirsi Hastings

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is still a strange guy, but in fun new ways! He gets along pretty well with other dogs and is happy in our living the but he sure does when he doesnt get to sit in the passenger seat... My friend nic got this great shot of him on our way back from the today looking especially #dejected. Everyone who meets him loves him.... Eventually... One of our woofers from france asked me very seriously, "why do you have THIS dog?" Sometimes i wonder... But then i wake up to him snuggled in my hammock, i realize he fits me .

Shanon Gould (@the_shanon) Instagram Profile Photo the_shanon

Shanon Gould

image by Shanon Gould (@the_shanon) with caption : "Some days you’re on top of the world. Other days, you are the seat others sit on. #life #beaglepup #beagle #beaglesofins" - 1802652516174610706
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Some days you’re on top of the world. Other days, you are the seat others sit on. #dejected

Momo_the doggy dog (@momo_the_doggy_dog) Instagram Profile Photo momo_the_doggy_dog

Momo_the doggy dog

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As you can see I am pretty dejected by this summer get up that my parents have chosen for me 😒😒 I thought that the deal was - my life, my rules! #dejected

Instagram Image by Wolfy (@v._.o._.l._.k) with caption : "Wolves comes when i call 🐺
#one_god #one_love #one_goles 
#sconsolato #dejected #algeria #france #italia ..... 🚬👊💪 #inst" at Algiers, Algeria - 1801923941680120366

Wolves comes when i call 🐺 #dejected ..... 🚬👊💪 ❤❤

Sneer Campaign (@sneercampaign) Instagram Profile Photo sneercampaign

Sneer Campaign

image by Sneer Campaign (@sneercampaign) with caption : "A forlorn little dragon in a cave.
#Zesta #catsofinstagram #marbletabby #face #sad #sleepy #dejected #lostinthought #und" - 1801595510118621312
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