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sakima wu (@sakimawu) Instagram Profile Photo sakimawu

sakima wu

- Regrann from @sakimawu - I WONT COME B​/​\​CK - SAKIMAWU 018 by Dogmain records 00:00 08:53 Digital Track Streaming + Download credits released May 29, 2018  I WONT COME B/\CK - SAKIMAWU 018 all rights reserved #deephouse

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It’s hard to contain the excitement and the appreciation for you all. @datzjvnk and I have been putting these Together for a while and we are thrilled to share it with you. CRASH N BURN - OUT TOMORROW!!! Youtube (Official Music Video), Spotify, Apple & more! A BIG THANK YOU TO: @blarmedia @angelicavictoriaa @romemathis Couldn’t do it without you and we’re so happy to have the chance to collaborate with great artists like you! #deephouse

Adam Gustus 🇬🇧 (@adam_gustus) Instagram Profile Photo adam_gustus

Adam Gustus 🇬🇧

image by Adam Gustus 🇬🇧 (@adam_gustus) with caption : "irradiate (v.) c. 1600, "to cast beams of light upon," from Latin irradiatus, past participle of irradiare"shine forth, " - 1850324627488613511
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irradiate (v.) c. 1600, "to cast beams of light upon," from Latin irradiatus, past participle of irradiare"shine forth, beam upon, illumine," from assimilated form of in- "into, in" (from PIE root *en "in") + radiare "to shine" (see radiate(v.)). Meaning "expose to radiation other than light" (originally X-rays) is from 1901. Related: Irradiated; irradiating. Related Entries *en irradiance irradiant irradiation radiate #Deephouse

Traxsource (@traxsource) Instagram Profile Photo traxsource


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🥁 @moblackrecords' latest release "Mandinka Woman" by Andreas Horvat EXCLUSIVELY at Traxsource is today's . This cut has the perfect vibes to get your through the week, so good!🥁 . ▶️Link in our story!

Geno Francesco (@g3nology) Instagram Profile Photo g3nology

Geno Francesco

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Wow. Okay. So a lot to unpack here. New meets old, vice versa. providing the drum groove (samples are sounds a friend recorded from his vintage machine). The SP’s output is going into the LPF (an emhanced clone) with the mum8 output going into . Clouds has a chord sound frozen in it’s buffer that I recorded earlier from the SP. I’ve got Clouds providing verb, feedback, and stereo panning, while ’s modulates various params on both Clouds and the MUM8 (freq). I’m then adjusting the Mum’s freq knob and res which is filtering the SP drum groove. 😅 The Mum sounds fantastic, especially on complex/harmonically rich material (melodies versus say... drums, just like the 950). Great analog sound too it, very warm. I’m also driving the VCA for subtle distortion. Finally, the is sending too Clouds to create an 8 step looping sequence to create a melody of sorts. house