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Olya Nykolyn (@olyanykolyn) Instagram Profile Photo olyanykolyn

Olya Nykolyn

image by Olya Nykolyn (@olyanykolyn) with caption : "Пахнешь, как мечты, воплощаемые с нуля" - 1785812022657469387
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Пахнешь, как мечты, воплощаемые с нуля

Cavendish Music (@cavendish_hq) Instagram Profile Photo cavendish_hq

Cavendish Music

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is brought to you this week by the macabre sounds of GRIM. With psychedelic organ, twangy guitar and gravelly vocals it’s perfect for your crime, thriller and horror promos. Listen to Dark Places from link in bio ☝️☝️☝️ #darkplaces

Robert H.A. Boyce JR (@robjrthekid) Instagram Profile Photo robjrthekid

Robert H.A. Boyce JR

image by Robert H.A. Boyce JR (@robjrthekid) with caption : "#missuniverse.... Her face is covered in STARS...With so much radiance I can’t tell her apart. With so must clustered, I" - 1785734986151510659
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.... Her face is covered in STARS...With so much radiance I can’t tell her apart. With so must clustered, I can’t tell her range or begin to start. But I couldn’t step to her, thinking they’re all the same. With my spaceship, I couldn’t make it that far..So the only remedy, are questions to gauge her pain. The gravity of your pain, might bring us close. SHE been through so much, yet they know so little. So I Gauge her distance of how far she came n How long she has walked in the rain. The deeper questions are often avoided. So we lay with each other and can’t see our real tears. You been together for some years and I’ve never told you my fears. I don’t want to Live like that..So I’m never Starstruck...I’m see you as home plate, so I wind up.....n ASK...Tell me about your universe, our what you hold in your hands? Tell when about what’s on your shoulders and how you deal with Life’s daily demands..Don’t be afraid, I won’t run away by chance...I’m actually just here to talk, not to ask for a dance..I know In the darkest of places shines the brights light. I see you in the darkest of Night but your radiance shows your light. In the darkest of faces, there still is light..Don’t let the world dim what it can’t hold. Don’t let the men come as science, to form theories on what they can’t understand. For your story is still untold. But maybe I’ll write it as we unfold. I myself don’t understand but I come with no demands...No dissection with a microscope...I’m just here to give my eyes hope..Hopes for things I see from a far and Deem to be truth. Blinding sight but I still admire the view. I’ve came so far to see you..So I hope what brought be here manifest to be truth. Tell me about your universe and what you hold in your hands..No rush, I came here on a whim, with no plans ....#Darkplaces ..

image by Sami (@z4nnibal) with caption : "I'll never get bored of taking photos of this tunnel of trees 😂

#tunneloftrees #forestphotography #forestpath #naturepa" - 1785725799543059202
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Books || Literature (@soulsofletters) Instagram Profile Photo soulsofletters

Books || Literature

image by Books || Literature (@soulsofletters) with caption : "⤵️🇬🇧🍃
Wer sind eure Lieblingsautoren?🙉
Für mich ganz klar, auch wenn J. K. Rowling und John Green meinen größten Res" - 1785724707624196519
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⤵️🇬🇧🍃 • Wer sind eure Lieblingsautoren?🙉 • Für mich ganz klar, auch wenn J. K. Rowling und John Green meinen größten Respekt haben...Gillian Flynn!😍 Sie schreibt unglaublich spannende Thriller mit packenden Plottwists.😱 Ihr Schreibstil hat meinen unglaublich geprägt und dafür bin ich ihr sehr dankbar.🙏🏻 • Nur noch 9 Tage, die ich mit Lernen verbringen muss und dann habe ich alle, ALLE Klausuren für dieses Schuljahr hinter mir!😭 Ich kann es kaum abwarten...🙊 Seid ihr schon durch mit den Arbeiten oder steckt ihr noch voll in der Prüfungsphase?💖 • • • • 🇬🇧🍃 • Tell me: who are your favourite authors?🙉 • For me it‘s definitely though I have the greatest respect for J. K. Rowlings and John Greens work...Gillian Flynn!😍 She writes incredibly exciting thrillers with breathtaking plottwists.😱 Her writing style had a great impact on mine which I‘m really grateful for.🙏🏻 • Only 9 days left full of learning till I‘m done with all, ALL exams this semester!😭 I can‘t wait anymore...🙊 Are you already done with learning or are you still in an exam phase?💖 • • • • ||23. Mai 2018, 19:03 Uhr||