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Тренер Антонов Алексей ( Instagram Profile Photo

Тренер Антонов Алексей

Прыжки в длину развивают скоростно-силовые качества спортсмена, особенность в том, что мышцы работают во «взрывном» режиме, то есть требуется приложить большую силу в короткий промежуток времени. . Во время прыжка в длину мощно работают квадрицепсы (мышцы передней поверхности бедра), ягодичные мышцы, мышцы голени и стопы, плюс конечно включаются разгибатели спины. . Например, прыжки в длину помогают улучшать результат в приседаниях со штангой и прекрасно развивают скоростно-силовые качества мышц ног. . Прыжковые упражнения очень полезны для улучшения подвижности, скорости, ловкости и «прыгучести». По этим причинам различные прыжки, в том числе прыжки в длину с места входят в комплекс физподготовки спортсменов в разных видах спорта. . Прыжки на матах позволяют снизить ударную нагрузку на позвоночник? + добавляют сложность отталкивания вперед. _________________________________ #dancingonice


Hazel. (@4azel) Instagram Profile Photo 4azel


IceSheffield Report Download 4 36

Teaser trailer of the show - Lumberjack vs Chemist: the musical, on ice. @anna_mroz . . . . . . . . . #dancingonice

Gillian Robidas (@gmrobidas) Instagram Profile Photo gmrobidas

Gillian Robidas

Hands down one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Being a part of @americanicetheatre AIT Boston this season has meant so much to me, and I’m so incredibly happy we were able to work with @oniceperspectives so even more people can see this piece. Can’t wait to see the full video! ✨ @oniceperspectives with @get_repost ・・・ @americanicetheatre @k8create.and @oniceperspectives present “Turn To Stone” (shot in 4K HDR, YouTube link in Bio and below ⬇️) ❄️__⛸__🎥 I’m so proud to have had the opportunity to film one final performance of “Turn To Stone”, performed by American Ice Theatre Boston with choreography by @k8create. Keep an eye out for the full-length video which I hope to finish this week! Performers: __⛸ @jess_ricketts __⛸ @gmrobidas __⛸ @alanna_kubik __⛸ @julia_rapela __⛸ @the_katattack __⛸ @amandagreelxo __⛸ @will_blumberg Choreographer/Director: __⛸ @k8create Skating Videographer: 🎥__⛸ Jordan @oniceperspectives Music: __🎵 “Turn to Stone” by @ingridmichaelson ❄️❄️❄️ #dancingonice @dancingonice

Young Stroke Survivor (@strokesurvivorsneverquit) Instagram Profile Photo strokesurvivorsneverquit

Young Stroke Survivor

image by Young Stroke Survivor (@strokesurvivorsneverquit) with caption : "Alex began her skating career when her mother introduced her to the ice at just 2 years old. As an amateur skater, she b" - 1826114150680279953
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Alex began her skating career when her mother introduced her to the ice at just 2 years old. As an amateur skater, she became a USFSA double gold medalist at the young age of 14. Knowing that performing was her passion, she quickly made the change over to professional figure skating and began touring for traveling shows around the world. Most recently, Alex has worked as a soloist for Nancy Kerrigan's "Halloween On Ice". Prior to that, Alex worked for Feld Entertainment and Disney On Ice in "100 Years of Disney Magic" as well as playing the role of "Martha" in Disney's "High School Musical : The Ice Tour" on their international cast. After touring to such places as South America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Scandinavia, Mexico; Alex began skating as a principal soloist on board Royal Caribbean Cruise ships, continuing to travel the world to Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, South Korea, and Japan (to name a few). Unfortunately whilst onboard the cruise ships, Alex suffered a stroke and immediately had emergency heart surgery. Three weeks later, she was back on the ice and is now the current winner of Holland's "Dancing On Ice". Along with her celebrity partner, DJ Tony Wycycinski, she went on to win the entire TV series just three months to the day of her stroke. A true honor sharing your story 🙌🏻 #dancingonice