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GrosseCannelle (@grosse_cannelle) Instagram Profile Photo grosse_cannelle


image by GrosseCannelle (@grosse_cannelle) with caption : "#dab" - 1807412678440785597
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5 12 5 15 1 ( Instagram Profile Photo

5 12 5 15 1

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here is finally a new digital pic😊 Well I'm currently just more into traditional art🤷‍♀️ But since I started this one a while ago I wanted to finish it 🙃 And yes there are no lashes because I just failed them and deleted them since they looked all messed up.😅 Hope you like it . . . #dab #💯#🔥 #🦄 #🎨 #✏️

Michael - m1kek9 (@m1kek9) Instagram Profile Photo m1kek9

Michael - m1kek9

Very sad day. One of my most favourite and coveted pieces of glass. It also was about $500 which is even more disappointing - one of my most expensive pieces. . . . . More frustratingly this happened as a result of my health issues and many of the medications I take to manage my symptoms along with medical cannabis. I can sometimes wake up ever so slightly to be unaware of anything really and I end up stumbling around my place and usually end up hurting myself by falling over it into things. I fractured a rib and broke a flat screen television the last episode. It is very infrequent thankfully. I woke up as I tumbled against the shelving these were setting on and felt my arm swipe everything clean off the top and woke up when I hit the ground hard, very hard. Everything else survived thank goodness there was another few hundred in glass that took the tumble as well. I wonder if @ben_wilson_glass can fix this since it’s just the upper tube? I can’t believe the more intricate parts survived, I would believe this to be as a result of the initial contact and force being taken by the mouthpiece from hitting the ground first. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #dab

image by @t3rpinator with caption : "MATCHING #microrig & #qtipholder by @elmolloboro FOR SALE, asking less than half what I payed gotta get rid of a bunch o"- 1807410408552432903
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MATCHING & by @elmolloboro FOR SALE, asking less than half what I payed gotta get rid of a bunch of glass. Hit the dm w any questions or for pics 🙏🏼

image by N A T E (@molly54546) with caption : "#Dab" - 1807409671368209951
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