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Softie ——— ♚ ——— •ib: @darkwilford •ac: s.oftaudios •cc: vltramo •dt: @classicjxck (üwü) @marrkimoo @mimsy.edits @galaxyxedits_ @vibrantnestor + sinful child Kaylie (@_littlzkiko) ——— ♚ ——— #crankgameplays



septiceyeisnotonfire™ (@septiceyeisnotonfire) Instagram Profile Photo septiceyeisnotonfire


•Aesthetic Alien• (@qlice_rose_fischbqch) Instagram Profile Photo qlice_rose_fischbqch

•Aesthetic Alien•

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Hey! You ever want a profile picture of a certain person for your Instagram or Kik? How about a nice clean wallpaper for your lock screen or home screen? Look no further, because I make them! Just DM me with the following things- •What person •What color you want it to be -theme- •Words you want it to say This is for free! Just DM me if you want one done and I will make it for you! Please feel free to ask any questions! • • • • • • #Crankgameplays

♥ was vortex.editx (@deprivates) Instagram Profile Photo deprivates

♥ was vortex.editx

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+ haha ha.. no. just stop. —— ac/ib/dt/cc/she added rsmb: @gaminggoofballs haha first time editing Ethan and honestly? L0vE iT- the quality is -3 pixels —— #crankgameplays

🍪Nickel/Nicole (@whatsupmycrazyboys) Instagram Profile Photo whatsupmycrazyboys


image by 🍪Nickel/Nicole (@whatsupmycrazyboys) with caption : "HEYYY! if you didn’t read the whole thing, i wanna do something special for ethan’s 6 years on youtube. so please send a" - 1826450656912669479
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HEYYY! if you didn’t read the whole thing, i wanna do something special for ethan’s 6 years on youtube. so please send anything to me or use the hashtag . thank you and i hope you submit! it’s going to go on twitter and maybe youtube. Thanks! please tag friends in the community ❤️❤️ - - - - #crankgameplays

Jacksepticeye fanpage ✩♡☻ (@jackspediceyx) Instagram Profile Photo jackspediceyx

Jacksepticeye fanpage ✩♡☻

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I know this breaks my theme a little and that this should be a collage but I’m sleepy and stuff sorry uwu Swipe left for a video~ Thank you so much for 400❤️ Like❤️ Comment your thought❤️ Share with people!❤️ Follow me~❤️ ❤️Tags❤️ #crankgameplays

PaigelewART (@paigelew_art) Instagram Profile Photo paigelew_art


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Heard Ethan was heading back to Maine. Hope all is well and wishing him the best. Sending lots of support too. #crankgameplays @crankgameplays

Markiplier Imagines! (@markimaginesdaily) Instagram Profile Photo markimaginesdaily

Markiplier Imagines!

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This imagine made me cry!😭😔 Mark would be a great police officer!😄👮🏻‍♂️ But we would be sad to hear him die...😞💖 Make sure you comment which situation you would prefer!😁💞🌟 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 #crankgameplays