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Tuesday Crafters (@tuesdaycrafters) Instagram Profile Photo tuesdaycrafters

Tuesday Crafters

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We love receiving your ideas and make do’s for Eid. This mini piñata sheep was shared with us by a lovely mum out there @lamloomeh ☺️ and it’s one of the easiest piñatas you may ever come across! . Here’s what you need: - A pair of scissors. - Glue Gun. - Goggly eyes. - Empty tissue rolls. - Cotton balls. - Cut pieces of curled up ribbons. - Black paper cut into circles and sheep heads as shown. - Goodies! . What you need to do: - Cover up the tissue rolls with cotton. Secure one end with one of the cut out circular pieces of black paper. - From the other end, start adding all the goodies then close it off with the cut sheep head piece. - Add a tail, using the curled up ribbons and the goggly eyes. - That’s it your mini sheep piñata is all ready for Eid. . Swipe left to see the steps! And thank you @lamloomeh for this wonderful idea 🙏🏼 . #craftymama

Inklings & Yarns (@inklingsnyarns) Instagram Profile Photo inklingsnyarns

Inklings & Yarns

image by Inklings & Yarns (@inklingsnyarns) with caption : "Me with everything I make. (Repost: @simplicity_creative_group)" - 1849844992115621795
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Me with everything I make. (Repost: @simplicity_creative_group)

erin knickerbocker (@erinknick) Instagram Profile Photo erinknick

erin knickerbocker

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Tell me these aren’t cool! (I only put the names on the white and black water bottles. They came with the turtle and pineapple images from @islandsole. Gorgeous designs!) #craftymama

image by Jamie (@homeofuandme) with caption : "After a long (but really fun) day, the kids are in bed and I’m enjoying some quiet, while I work on some projects I have" - 1849828270431009919
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After a long (but really fun) day, the kids are in bed and I’m enjoying some quiet, while I work on some projects I have been wanting to get done. Apparently I also need to Pinterest how to clean this chalkboard better too 😉

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Project completed for a custom bin in T's favourite color ! We've been (over)using her gray basket so I decided to create another one, this time with a more loopy design so we can easily see what's inside (also gives me much needed practice on different ways to ). I also love how you can roll down the edge if you need a shallower bag 👌 T's using it for small toys and at times her paintbox and art materials if we need to stay in the garden. The bag is roughly 9in in diameter, with 5in height. (Fancy one for your home or kiddo? Pls. 📧 for inquiries) #craftymama #💬 #📷 #💗