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By Mariana Gonçalves & Team✂️ (@hairbeautystudio.cabeleireiros) Instagram Profile Photo hairbeautystudio.cabeleireiros

By Mariana Gonçalves & Team✂️

Técnica de Balayage Free hand, para um resultado natural e luminoso na primeira coloração deste cabelo❤️😍⏭⏭podem ver na foto seguinte o “antes” e deixem nos comentários a vossa opinião! ✍🏼✍🏼 Lindo ou não?? . . . . #colorcorrection


BRIDAL●MUA●HAIRSTYLIST●RENO (@tjb.mua.hd) Instagram Profile Photo tjb.mua.hd


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Color correcting can be difficult for us doing the work, but not nearly as hard as being the person who had to go through bad experiences to find a happy ending! This wonderful gal sat in my chair with tears in her eyes as she explained what she had been through with another stylist. Her hair was broken off, blue & in bad shape. . . Having her hair integrity at the forefront of my mind, I discussed her options, we agreed to a plan, and the results were awesome. We have a waya to go to get her to her goal hair again, but at least she is able to walk around feeling beautiful again! . . . . . #colorcorrection


color correction from Red to Honey!

Tara Ramirez (@t_rmz14) Instagram Profile Photo t_rmz14

Tara Ramirez

From yellow/orange to a shadow root beige balayage. Always get your bleaching services done by a professional. #colorcorrection