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image by Sarah Thexton (@saartjie_on_the_go) with caption : "Christchurch College Oxford #Christchurch #library #BowlerHat #Oxford #England #Travel #SeeTheWorld #University #OxfordU" - 1848042666829182842
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Davies Chiropractic (@davieschiropractic) Instagram Profile Photo davieschiropractic

Davies Chiropractic

Friyay! Let’s kickoff the weekend with a great core exercise: The Action Chiro goes through the advanced half side plank for you who likes a great core/bum challenge. .... This is a progression from Prof. McGills top 3 safe low back exercises (which are considered basic and early intermediate stages of low back stabilisers). .... 🙌🏻So get down on the floor, turn up the volume and be prepared to burn that bum (👉🏻and say good bye to back pain)! ........ #christchurch

Ellie Johnston (@elliecraftsstuff) Instagram Profile Photo elliecraftsstuff

Ellie Johnston

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Made a new friend #christchurch

Felix Dah House Elf (@highlyoffensive) Instagram Profile Photo highlyoffensive

Felix Dah House Elf

image by Felix Dah House Elf (@highlyoffensive) with caption : "circa 2014
"Whats Your Drink of Choice" art project by @xdzfilms #cbd #christchurch #araphotography #college #arts #proj" - 1848030657889109498
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Harriet Rycroft (@harrietrycroft) Instagram Profile Photo harrietrycroft

Harriet Rycroft

image by Harriet Rycroft (@harrietrycroft) with caption : "Hogwartsy. 
#beingatourist #harrypottering #oxford #christchurch #hogwarts" - 1848021679622006953
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Hogwartsy. #christchurch

Hanna and Zach (@handzaround) Instagram Profile Photo handzaround

Hanna and Zach

Instagram Image by Hanna and Zach (@handzaround) with caption : "Our amazing trip through New Zealand finished in Christchurch where we were able to catch up with some old friends from " at Godley Head Track - 1848019647708758703

Our amazing trip through New Zealand finished in Christchurch where we were able to catch up with some old friends from London. They took us out to Godley Heads during the sunset to get one of the best views of the surrounding area…and of the whole trip. Incredible, beautiful, heartwarming, epic…are just a few words we could use to describe our time in NZ. We wish so much that we had a couple of months to travel around this beautiful country and really take our time, but the quickness of how it all happened probably made it just that bit more special. We normally travel quite slow through a country but it was great to change things up a bit and try and see as many places, things and people as we could in the 2 and half weeks we were there - we loved it! Now, New Zealand is probably the most beautiful place we have ever been to! Not just for the endless scenery but (as cliche as a travel thing it is to say) for the people. They made our trip. Keep an eye out for our new film that will be released very soon about our time in NZ and our interactions with the lovely locals that we met along the way. We’ve certainly had a lot of fun looking through our footage and putting it all together. •• •• •• #christchurch