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DEFF SMOKE (@_deffsmoke) Instagram Profile Photo _deffsmoke


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Chillin’ A home. I decided to try a new dance beat for the first time...What u think?! I don’t make shit like this often 🤣 #chops


rockabilly steveo (@rockabillysteveo) Instagram Profile Photo rockabillysteveo

rockabilly steveo

Instagram Image by rockabilly steveo (@rockabillysteveo) with caption : "Obligatory London toilet selfie #punk #london #chops #rockabilly #guyswithtattoos #ink #nosugar" at Howling Hops Tank Bar - 1808278684575738842

Obligatory London toilet selfie #chops


James Paul Nadien (@jamespaulnadien) Instagram Profile Photo jamespaulnadien

James Paul Nadien

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Working up my chops with Paul Hindemith’s Sonata for Horn and Piano... It really should be called sonata for piano and horn!! This is one of the trickier pieces of accompaniment in the brass literature. Hindemith’s harmony is wonderful, with plenty of stacked fourths and chromatic passages! #chops

Dillon-sandahl (@dillonsandahl) Instagram Profile Photo dillonsandahl


Instagram Image by Dillon-sandahl (@dillonsandahl) with caption : "S/o to @moffattgreg for shaving some great chops #cusa #chops #friends #beard #sunburt #countryusa #flannel" at Country USA - 1808277453077802004
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S/o to @moffattgreg for shaving some great chops #chops

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They will try to break you. They will defame you, lie, and impose on you the will of the cabal. Truth seekers, especially strong, smart, leaders- the kind that inspire and teach people to break out of the mold that has been cast on society, become targets. The world has been extorted to empower a group of individuals that do some fucked up shit. Why do we allow this to continue? Are we weak willed, weak minded, or complacent? #chops

Deffrey Jahmer 🎀 (@deffreyjahmer) Instagram Profile Photo deffreyjahmer

Deffrey Jahmer 🎀

Huge shoutout @theriddimproject for this dope lil vid 😘🎀 but even bigger shoutout to @benzmixer for coming out as my special guest last Saturday! Big up bruv! Cheeeeeee!! •• •• SONG: BINXX - FLEX LIKE (VIP)