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Wolfgang Ragekiss (@rollmeone_kenobi) Instagram Profile Photo rollmeone_kenobi

Wolfgang Ragekiss

Late nights of weighing TCG player versus SCG 🙏🙏🙏 I have a problem, this I know; Because my credit card companies tell me so. Ain't the song of my life, just thought it sounded good. Ayyeee, jodah getting boosted. Scooping a second copy because mine has a weird nipple. Anyway peep the swag as I slowly piece together jodah and polish off breya...but also try some new inexpensive experiements. ⛽⛽⛽⛽⛽ Follow these dudes 💫💫💫 @magicthehatering @the_commander_guru @islandwalks @itz_magic_time @gift.of.aether @skunky_in_ar @ogtragicmagic @thepokewalker @jacobhonoralters @mox_emerald_scott @kokusho_bro @thetreefortnw @trainern8 @treasure_cruisin @mtg_doom @ratchet_the_splattering 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 #censor

writer&poet امیر قاضی پور (@amir.ghazipoor) Instagram Profile Photo amir.ghazipoor

writer&poet امیر قاضی پور

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سانسور . وقتی سانسور را مانی حقیقی ، سانسور می کند! سانسور اصلاح طلبان تمامیت خواهان و غیره. جایی در ، اشاره می شه که فیلم ساز در بیابان توسط ماموران رها شده . اما ، این تصور را در خواب و رویا می گنجاند . گویا تراژدی و طنز ، باعث محافظه کاری شده است ! او خواب دیده است ! البته حرف های مانی حقیقی را در این ویدئو قبول دارم . فیلم خوک را قبول ندارم . هر چند اجرای قوی دارد #censor

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Welcome to 'News From A N**ga' the weekly segment where this n**ga gives you news UK To Introduce Porn Permits: The UK’s film censor, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), carried out a public consultation ahead of age-verification laws that are to be introduced this year that will require viewers to prove they are over 18 when viewing certain sites. The legislation is designed to stop children accessing online pornography. Adults will be required to present identification to shopkeepers and will be provided with a 16 digit card that grants access to adult sites. It will allow browsers to avoid giving personal details online when asked to prove their age. The implementation was delayed by the government amidst continuing controversy and confusion over how the blocks will actually be implemented. The Government isn't providing age verification software of its own. Instead, it will allow the pornography industry to introduce the checks itself – and institute fines up to £250,000 if they do not do so. There may also be a possibility of the government creating a database of consumers' viewing habits. #censor White Fan Says 'Nigga' at Kendrick Lamar Concert: During the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama on the 20th of May, artist Kendrick Lamar invited a fan, Delaney, to perform alongside him. The duo covered Lamar's song, "M.A.D.D City" where the fan failed to censor herself. Kendrick stopped the performance to alert the fan, who apologized and was met with animosity by the crowd. Despite this and the disapproval from the crowd, Delaney was allowed to continue, singing the censored version to the song. Thoughts? Comment below. Partner: @politicorner

image by PORK-PIE (@porkpiebrand) with caption : "But they don't filter out THEIR BULLYING because they still #censor and delete #queer posts without offering any forum t" - 1784979248144286269
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But they don't filter out THEIR BULLYING because they still #censor and delete posts without offering any forum to debate or defend oneself.

jesse allan rozell (@jssllnrzll) Instagram Profile Photo jssllnrzll

jesse allan rozell

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to appear as though i have painted over a painting i must first paint a painting to paint over and then paint over it

Ems Matsumoto  ✖‿✖ (@lord_of_the_pigeon) Instagram Profile Photo lord_of_the_pigeon

Ems Matsumoto ✖‿✖

image by Ems Matsumoto  ✖‿✖ (@lord_of_the_pigeon) with caption : "When you see an adult joke in a kids show 👀

#meme #wigflew #myweave #censor #Bruh #theworldisadarkplace #pigeonlord #no" - 1784048353560757078
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When you see an adult joke in a kids show 👀 #censor