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🔥⛽️ better shot at this nug!! Super fruity and sweet and monster nugs ! Halfway to Chicago , spending the weekend up there with me sister ! 4two


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👌👌 another fresh pressed rosin !! I personally love rosin lol probably more than bho . Hope everyone has a good night! #cannabis4two

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⛽️⛽️ breaking into a nug of ! Still have some videos and pictures from the last trip to Cali , have a good night everyone! #cannabis4two

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🔊🔊 dirty rips outta the mav using the @fritoglass 14mm out in the sun !! Hope everyone is having a better day than me ! #cannabis4two

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🙏🙏🙏 finally got my @knick_gnacs yesterday and I’m suped!! You guys know I don’t do any promotions or even product reviews but the people behind this company are my literal FAM!! Like literally we are family lol so you know I had to support and show some love and I’m hoping you guys will too !! Shit I would have bought this thing even if they weren’t fam cause every stoner should have one of these on their keys for maximum convenience on any adventure !! I remember I used to carry around a fuckin paper clip in my pocket for this exact reason !! This little thing can pack them joints/blunts or unclog a bowl or slide and the one I got could even be used as a dabber!!! I can’t wait to start using it ! So please everyone go check out @knick_gnacs @knick_gnacs @knick_gnacs and show some love !! Not everyday you get to support 2 hard working young people and know completely where your money is going!! Have a good day everyone!! #cannabis4two

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⛽️⛽️ shoutsout the plug on this one ,, ounce of some more fire purple and an ounce of some super fruity nug.. didn’t get a strain name on either .. boulders in both bags . Have a good night everyone!! #cannabis4two

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🍇🍇 clean @duffyglass slide and stem ! Been hooked on the purps lately . Have a good night everyone ! #cannabis4two